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“Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, TRADITION and myth frame our response.” (Arthur Schlesinger Jr.)

17 March 2011: 150th anniversary Unity of Italy March 20, 2011

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Classe 2^B – Scuola Primaria “A. Ciancia” – Francavilla in Sinni (PZ) – Italia


International Climate Action Day October 25, 2009

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October 24th was the International Climate Action Day. The 350 organization called for simultaneous worldwide activities in view of the approaching Copenhagen Climate Summit.

We had a small activity in our Educational class on Friday- a debate and a poster contest. I was amazed by the extent of my students participation and commitment. Here you are a few photos from our class. I hope you like them.


A few pics of a Breton “Pardon” July 26, 2009

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slide with a few pics here


National School Sport Week 2009 July 6, 2009

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Churchfields Primary School made a concerted effort to participate in this Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week by carrying out the following activities, in addition to normal P.E. lessons.

The Year 4’s were taken to Chesterton High School ’s Sports Centre for basketball and five-a-side football. 100_0024[1]

Later that day Year 5’s, in association with numerous schools in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent , took part in the Guinness Book of World Records attempt at skipping. There were two independent witnesses who joined us to sign that they had seen 12 of our children pass the specified amount of time required to continuously skip.



 Year 5’s used the High School’s tennis courts to play various sets of mixed doubles which provided an added dimension to the skills they had been practising back at school.An inter-school rounders tournament took place at the High School. We also invited Friarswood Primary School to join us for an extra-curricular basketball game.




There was a lunchtime intra-school soccer competition which the ‘Yellow Tigers’ won.



There was aerobic activity for Year 3’s presented by former pupil Fay Braxton.


An inter-school swimming gala was organised by Sarah Jackson (Chesterton Primary) and Sarah Beech, attended by three schools.






Key stage One would be targeted the following week with the following sessions :

multi-skills session for Year 2’s  

 a streetdance session for Years 1 and 2 

        a family ‘mothers and toddlers’ swim for Reception children.



The scheme definitely raised the profile of sport in our school and gave some children the opportunity to ‘try out’ some sports they might not normally be exposed to. There ought to be one more often !!



Phil and  the Class 4 – Churchfields Primary School – Chesterton, Newcastle-under- Lyme – UK



“La Fête de la Musique” ( 2009 edition) June 21, 2009

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Tonight in Paris there are huge free concerts for this special event. The most popular European and American singers, choirs, classical orchestras, R&B’s , Jazz , Rock’Roll , Latino and Rap bands are performing with a national television live broadcast. It is in keeping with the 5oth anniversary of a specific Ministry called the ” Ministère de la culture” . Those concerts are played under the Eiffel Tower, Trocadéro, Parc de Bagatelle ( on TV), Place des Vosges, Champs Elysées …and in lots of streets. Thousands of people are taking part in the event. Millions in two days in fact!

Yesterday, everywhere in France, people celebrated the ” Fête de la Musique”. Every sort of music was played and all sorts of musical instruments too: drums, guitars, vilolins, cellos, trumpets, saxophones, accordeons, bandoneons, pianos, bagpipes, fiddles …

In western Brittany where we live, people enjoyed themselves last night and all generations were represented ( from babies… to great grandparents).

DSCN2149DSCN2150DSCN2154DSCN2159DSCN2162Marie-France & kids.


Street Delivery June 14, 2009

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Street Delivery is a recent tradition. The event has just had its third edition. Its catch phrase is “Closing the street for cars and opening it for people”. It takes place every June, on an old and well-known street in Bucharest and aims to make again the street a social place, a place for people and for culture. There are mainly unconventional activities, and the themes are: urbanism, environment, books, modern art, activities for children, dying crafts, architecture. Here are some photos, we hope you will like them.

Happy holidays to everyone!

Irina and the kids from School no 92, Bucharest.


21st of June: fête de la musique. June 2, 2009

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Every year, on the first evening of summer, many countries celebrate the arrival of summer with music. It is the longest evening of the year coinciding, more or less – depending of the year- to the summer solstice.

It was first imagined by an American musician whose name is Joel Cohen. He was working in France for a very important national radio at the end of the 1970’s. He broadcasted, twice a year, very important concerts for the winter solstice in december and the summer one in june.

The idea was really adopted in 1983 and ever since, on June the 21st, lots of people play music in the streets, parks, music kiosks, stadiums …

This musical evening has become international in the following years and more than 350 towns and cities have adopted the concept. Here are a few posters from different cities from all over the world:

Djakarta. Indonesia.

Djakarta. Indonesia.

Let’s hope you’ll have a great enving on June 21st , 2009. Have a good time. Check in your own city. I am sure you will have “une fête de la musique”.

Here is a photo of a member of our local brass band “Zebaliz” from my home city.

Street musical fun.

Street musical fun.


“Le 21 juin « Faites de la musique »

Chaque année, le 21 juin est le rendez-vous de la fête de la musique.

28ème édition de la Fête de la Musique 
Samedi 20 et dimanche 21 juin 2009

Inscrite dans le calendrier des Français depuis plus de vingt ans et célébrée dans plus de 100 pays à travers le monde, la Fête de la Musique réunit dans un grand moment de rencontre, de partage et de convivialité, les artistes tant amateurs que professionnels et les publics les plus divers.

Les musiciens de tous horizons sont invités à s’exprimer sur les scènes et dans les rues.”

source: Kioske BMO


Panama. 2005

Panama. 2005