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The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation January 15, 2009

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Jerzy Owsiak, it was his idea to start the charity concerts in 1993


It is about 10th January every year. People raise money for ill children and public hospitals. GOCCF organizes many events in different cities in Poland like concerts and auctions. The event was started by Jerzy Owsiak (above) in 1993.

Young people raise money on the street and at school. Everyone who gives some money gets a sticker in the form of a red heart (like in the photo). Red heart is the symbol of GOCCF. Most people give small amounts of money but GOCCF rises a lot of money to help children every year.

by Aleksandra (1st year)

Gimnazjum nr 18, Gdańsk


2 Responses to “The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation”

  1. Gina Says:

    A very noble initiative! Many little drops make an ocean: everyone should contribute even with a very little sacrifice!

  2. ivasil Says:

    A very touching and generous tradition. I hope it goes on for a long time.

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