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A few pics of a Breton “Pardon” July 26, 2009

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slide with a few pics here


4 Responses to “A few pics of a Breton “Pardon””

  1. Jacques Says:

    I was very pleased to see this slide show. The ladies’traditional outfits are superb and this Breton “pardon” is really something. Thanks for your photos.

  2. Liliana Says:

    Very nice photos and interesting post! Are most of your students Catholic?
    Best regards from Dublin!

    • Marie-France Says:

      Thanks for your comment. My students are no longer catholic. France is very much a secular (non religious) country. It started with the French revolution and it is one of the only two countries in the world which has separated the state from religion.The other country being Turkey, strangely enough. Mustapha Kemal Atatürk( 1881-1938) the leader of the first republic of Turkey was inspired by the Swiss Civil code and created a modern state and with a secular constitution ( partially copied on the French one!).
      So nowadays in France, religion is part of the individual right which means everybody can follow whatever religion they choose. In Brittany, up to the 195O’s, the catholic religion was quite vivid but not any longer. Ireland has kept Catholicism as a state religion in opposition to the Church of England which is protestant. It is quite understandable as the country is not complete yet! I know Ireland quite well and I wish you all the best from Brittany.

      • Liliana Says:

        Thank you for this precious information. I have to admit these are new things for me.
        When I was a kid, I used to think everyone was Orthodox, as more than 87% of the population of Romania is Orthodox.
        Religion is very important in our lives and is capital for the older people in my country.

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