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Pentecost “ferias” May 27, 2009

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When bulls are supposed to become kings

Many French cities , in the south of France, have got a very popular tradition called “feria” ( Spanish name for fair, festival and corrida). Most of them will start at the end of this week and will be carried on until their apex on Whit Monday.



The best kown feria will take place in Nîmes at the end of this week. Nîmes is an inland town in the south east of France. It has an arena dating from Roman times in France where corridas can take place.

Havin a run with small bulls

Having a run with small bulls

This weekend and for 6 days starting tomorrow, the event will bring together about one million people from France but also from a lot of foreign countries.Young bulls run in the streets and young men try to provoke and get away from their horns. Very dangerous indeed.


The best bull fighters will be there, like each year since 1952. If you don’t like corridas and I don’t, there will be plenty of other events to attend.

The best part of these festivities is the get-together and the good fun you have with your friends and the evenings are very pleasant. You can taste wine ( not too much though), dance, sing and listen to festive music played by brass bands. The atmosphere is great and you can have 4 nice evenings in a row!!














It is nice to see brave bulls running after fast young men but I don’t think the bull killing adds anything to this feria! To me the fight between man and beast is not fair. The bull is weakened so much by picadores ( the ones on their horses) that the brave animal doesn’t stand a chance.


Springtime and the festival of Celtic bands May 2, 2009

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Le Printemps des sonneurs

Marching down the streets

Marching down the streets

Since 1997, in my town, Celtic bands have celebrated springtime.

The idea of this festival was born in a local group of musicians. The local band called « Kevrenn Sant Mark», Breton word to say band with bagpipes, heavy drums and the traditional musical instrument « bombarde », wished to invite their friends to celebrate the arrival of spring.


Ever since, faithful bands « bagadoù » have come to Brest to march down two long streets for a parade which takes place at the end of April or at the beginning of May every year.This year, it will be the 12h edition.

The audience is massive and people gather on pavements to see them walking down the streets. The music is impressive and the audience is overwhelmed with joy and pride. Every « Bagad » has got its traditional costume too and it is a festival of colours too .

Young kids are also included and trained to play this band music. This year a 10 year-old young boy will take part in the local band for the first time. He is a little bit stressed and his photo is in the local press. Good luck to that young gentleman.

Getting ready

Getting ready

This year poster

This year's poster

Here is, on the right, this year’s poster which has promoted the event in town.

Blanche Hermine

Last year's poster

Last year, they had a great poster which has been my favourite up to now. It represents a little white animal called an ermine, the symbol of Brittany. Nice animal which has become very rare, nearly extinct.