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International Climate Action Day October 25, 2009

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October 24th was the International Climate Action Day. The 350 organization called for simultaneous worldwide activities in view of the approaching Copenhagen Climate Summit.

We had a small activity in our Educational class on Friday- a debate and a poster contest. I was amazed by the extent of my students participation and commitment. Here you are a few photos from our class. I hope you like them.


3 Responses to “International Climate Action Day”

  1. Marie-France Says:

    Well done Irina. We also had activities in class on this issue. The younger kids were passionate and the older ones wanted to have a saying after they saw extracts of a film shot by Leonardo Di Caprio “the eleventh hour”. My colleagues did a great job on our collaborative blog. One of them gave a lesson plan for all teachers interested!

  2. Liliana&the kids Says:

    Wonderful activity, Irina! I posted an article about climate change on our school blog and this year I am trying to organize a campaign in our school which would inform all the students about this issue.

  3. ivasil Says:

    Thank you both very much. i am also thinking about a follow-up.
    Keep in touch.

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