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National School Sport Week 2009 July 6, 2009

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Churchfields Primary School made a concerted effort to participate in this Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week by carrying out the following activities, in addition to normal P.E. lessons.

The Year 4’s were taken to Chesterton High School ’s Sports Centre for basketball and five-a-side football. 100_0024[1]

Later that day Year 5’s, in association with numerous schools in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent , took part in the Guinness Book of World Records attempt at skipping. There were two independent witnesses who joined us to sign that they had seen 12 of our children pass the specified amount of time required to continuously skip.



 Year 5’s used the High School’s tennis courts to play various sets of mixed doubles which provided an added dimension to the skills they had been practising back at school.An inter-school rounders tournament took place at the High School. We also invited Friarswood Primary School to join us for an extra-curricular basketball game.




There was a lunchtime intra-school soccer competition which the ‘Yellow Tigers’ won.



There was aerobic activity for Year 3’s presented by former pupil Fay Braxton.


An inter-school swimming gala was organised by Sarah Jackson (Chesterton Primary) and Sarah Beech, attended by three schools.






Key stage One would be targeted the following week with the following sessions :

multi-skills session for Year 2’s  

 a streetdance session for Years 1 and 2 

        a family ‘mothers and toddlers’ swim for Reception children.



The scheme definitely raised the profile of sport in our school and gave some children the opportunity to ‘try out’ some sports they might not normally be exposed to. There ought to be one more often !!



Phil and  the Class 4 – Churchfields Primary School – Chesterton, Newcastle-under- Lyme – UK



5 Responses to “National School Sport Week 2009”

  1. Marie-France Says:

    An excellent idea that extra-curriculum sport activity and your kids seem to have a lot of fun. Your kids look very happy.

  2. Liliana Says:

    Wonderful post and really nice activity! Well done!

  3. philjohnson Says:

    Thankyou for your comments.
    Do you hvae school sports day ?
    I am trying to move away from ultra-competitive races where all the fast kids always win everything – this year we are going to ask the children what THEY want and which races THEY wish to be in. (with maybe a FEW competitive events for the sporty, athletic types) What do you think ?

    • Marie-France Says:

      Hello Phil,

      Yes, we have a sports day in october. The whole school goes to a nearby park and our P.E teachers organize different running races according to the kids’age. The youngest ones run in the morning and primary schools join in. The older kids run in the afternoon and a senior highschool joins in every year. All teachers are out on the ground! We all have a great time!

  4. Tom Says:

    Hi Phil,
    I really liked your post. Well done. We too have a school sports day. We try and keep it as a fun day with the emphasis on fun and participation. It is a day when we take a total break from the classroom and academic activities and hopefully (when the Irish weather permits) spend the day outdoors. We do not give out any medals as the same kids would win everything!! No one complains, everyone is a winner, and we have a nice relaxed day.

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