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Traditional Romanian Costume June 18, 2008

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The structure of the Romanian traditional costume has remained unchanged over the centuries.

The basic piece of the costume both for men and women is a shirt made from wool, hemp or linen. The shirt is tied round the waist with a kind of belt called ‘brau’, which is narrow for women and wider for men.

Women’s traditional clothing includes a shirt. In the past, it used to reach to the ankles. An apron is always worn over the shirt.This was initially a single piece of cloth wrapped round the lower part of the body and secured by a belt at the waist. In Transylvania and in the South-West of our country, there are two separate aprons: one worn at the back and one-at the front.

Men’s traditional clothing includes a white shirt, white trousers, a hat, a belt, waistcoat or overcoat. Shirts are often worn outside trousers. Traditional costumes are often different, depending on the county. Differences can be the shirt length, type of embroidery, hat shape, trousers cut or waistcoat decoration. Hungarian man living in Romania, usually in counties Harghita and Covasna, wear more modern clothes, like trousers made of dark material rather than white, which reflect their frequent communication with the West and the developed countries.

The outer articles of clothing worn by both women and men are similar, differing in cut and decoration, which depend mainly on the region from which they are. These are usually made of sheepskin or wool and decorated with silk embroidery or leather.

Traditional clothing worn on workdays and festivals used to be similar, but the festive dress, especially the one worn for weddings, was more richly embroidered. In the past, the head-wear worn by the bride was adorned with specific local styles.

Various pieces or our national costume have disappeared during the 20th century. The first item were the leather peasant sandals, although, even nowadays, they can be seen in poor villages. Also, in most villages men’s traditional trousers were replaced by modern factory made trousers and jeans have become very common. What is more, traditional over garments became very expensive and now they are worn only by people who live in wealthy villages. To continue, most of the national cloth-makers have died and there is no one to continue with the tradition.

However, if you take a closer look in the villages, you can see that some older people still wear items of traditional clothing. In Oas and Maramures even young girls wear the local costume on Sundays. To continue, men’s traditional fur hats are still worn in winter in rural areas. Women usually wear a printed woolen scarf and a traditional straw hat over it when working in the fields in summer.

All in all, I think that we should be very proud of our traditional costume as it remains a testimony of Romania’s long history and our glorious past.

Costumes worn at a festival

In a school event

…and me

Olimpia, class 8A, School no. 92, Bucharest


11 Responses to “Traditional Romanian Costume”

  1. Gina Says:

    Impressive tha fact that you have the same costume in all your country! In Italy each region has its own costume and in the same region ,sometimes, each town or village has a different costume developped from the same basic model. For example, in our region, Basilicata,the female costume has always a blouse, a large skirt, an apron, socks and low shoes and a particular headgear, but it changes in colours and decorations from town to town. Our female town costume, as you can see from our photos, is basically white and blue but nobody wears it even in the countryside or on the mountain. You can see people wearing it only during some particular traditional event or at school for some historical rappresentation.Maybe our cultual roots and identity aren’t so strong as yours!
    Anyway, congratulations!

  2. ivasil Says:

    Thanks. Actually, the costume has common features, colors etc. but it’s not the same. You can see many styles of costumes on
    As for the colours, I think our main ones are white, red and black.

    • Tiffanie Says:

      I need to find a traditional Romanian outfit for my daughter to wear for a school project. Does anyone know where I can purchase one? We prefer one from the Cluj/Transylvania region.
      Thank you.

  3. Erkan Kiraz Says:

    Dear Ladies / Sirs,
    I need some oltimer pictutes from 1925-1935 about what kind of traditional costumes and garments Romanian Turks were wearing for my mom’s “1935 Migration Story” from Romania to Turkey.

    If ever I could find a few samples, I belive in that my mom, Necmiye Ortac [Kiraz] sould be in full piece..

    Sincerely Yours,
    Erkan Kiraz,
    Kentsa Site, Izmit, Turkey

  4. Erkan Kiraz Says:

    Dear Ladies / Sirs,
    By the way just wished to thank you for sharing traditional Romanian Customs for us.

    I felt that probably my mom, Necmiye Ortac were around 10 years old at her town of Ahmatlar during 1935, her surrounding Romanian girl or boy friends were wearing those kind ofö garments..

    Again want to my deepheart thanks for your kindness.

    Truthfuly Yours,
    Erkan Kiraz,
    Izmit City, Turkey

  5. Brionna Says:

    I love the way you guys dress they are so preety.

  6. sorin25 Says:

    there are alot of different costumes. these pictures show only 2…each region has it’s own traditional attire.

  7. Elaina Says:

    Thanks for putting all the information on the web but i still need to know one thing…… Does your tradtional costume have a specific name? If so, what is the name?

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  9. Loc Says:

    Where I live, in the summer, people from different culture have their very own festivals. It is a way for our community to come closer. For those who don’t have the budget to travel around the world, this is also a good way to submerge themselves with various traditions.

    Two years ago, I went to a Romanian festival, I saw their outfits, the way they dance and tried some of their food. It was quite good.

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