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21st of June: fête de la musique. June 2, 2009

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Every year, on the first evening of summer, many countries celebrate the arrival of summer with music. It is the longest evening of the year coinciding, more or less – depending of the year- to the summer solstice.

It was first imagined by an American musician whose name is Joel Cohen. He was working in France for a very important national radio at the end of the 1970’s. He broadcasted, twice a year, very important concerts for the winter solstice in december and the summer one in june.

The idea was really adopted in 1983 and ever since, on June the 21st, lots of people play music in the streets, parks, music kiosks, stadiums …

This musical evening has become international in the following years and more than 350 towns and cities have adopted the concept. Here are a few posters from different cities from all over the world:

Djakarta. Indonesia.

Djakarta. Indonesia.

Let’s hope you’ll have a great enving on June 21st , 2009. Have a good time. Check in your own city. I am sure you will have “une fête de la musique”.

Here is a photo of a member of our local brass band “Zebaliz” from my home city.

Street musical fun.

Street musical fun.


“Le 21 juin « Faites de la musique »

Chaque année, le 21 juin est le rendez-vous de la fête de la musique.

28ème édition de la Fête de la Musique 
Samedi 20 et dimanche 21 juin 2009

Inscrite dans le calendrier des Français depuis plus de vingt ans et célébrée dans plus de 100 pays à travers le monde, la Fête de la Musique réunit dans un grand moment de rencontre, de partage et de convivialité, les artistes tant amateurs que professionnels et les publics les plus divers.

Les musiciens de tous horizons sont invités à s’exprimer sur les scènes et dans les rues.”

source: Kioske BMO


Panama. 2005

Panama. 2005






2 Responses to “21st of June: fête de la musique.”

  1. Julien Says:

    I didn’t know that “la fête de la musique” was so widespread in the world. Thanks for the info.
    Elle sera belle la fête le 21 juin!

  2. Marie-France Says:

    Merci pour ce commentaire. Il reste 12 jours jusqu’à ce rendez-vous festif et musical.

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