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The first of May in France April 29, 2009

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brinsmuguet2 1st of May and its popular symbol : the lily of the valley

The lily of the valley is considered to be a lucky charm and people buy or collect it in their garden to bring people good luck.

It is said that when the world was created, this delicate flower decorated the door of Paradise and every time a good man or woman entered it, its tiny bells would tinkle. This nice flower was gifted to identify virtuous people.

For Celts , and we are Celtic people in Brittany, the Lily of the valley was a lucky charm too and still is !

At the end of the XIXth century ( 1889) the first of May was adopted in Paris as a day to celebrate workers and labour. In 1890, people demonstrating in the streets wore a red triangle in their buttonholes to symbolize their demands, that is the ideal division of a day in three periods of 8 hours : work, sleep and leisure.
This red triangle was replaced at first by wild roses and finally by the lily of the valley.


In 1900, the first day of May, famous fashion designers ( « couturiers ») offered their lady clients and employees ( « petites mains ») brigs of lily of the valley.

A song called « il est revenu le temps du muguet » was created for the first time in Paris in 1936 and is still very pouplar 73 years later…

Brigs of lily of the valley is completely associated with the 1st of May. No first of May is possible without that elegant, delicately perfumed flower.

Everybody can sell brigs of lily of the valley in the streets on that day and teenagers make a lot of pocket money then !

On that day too, at the Elysée Presidential Palace in Paris, lily of the valley producers offer the President floral compositions « Tradition oblige »

Marie-France and kids.


A gift for the 1st of May

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Shall we offer you lily of the valley. Sorry we couldn’t add its perfume!

Marie-France and kids from 6ème 1 & 6ème2


Easter in Romania April 16, 2009

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This year, the Orthodox Easter is on the 19th April, one week after the Catholic Easter.
The totality of the Orthodox life centres around Easter, as it marks the resurrection of Jesus.
Here is some useful Easter vocabulary in Romanian:
Easter – Paste
Happy Easter! – Paste fericit!
Easter eggs – oua de Paste
Jesus Christ – Iisus Hristos

Liliana&the kids


Easter egg hunting April 15, 2009

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Chasse à l’oeuf de Pâques

looking for eggs in the park ( Bois de keroual, Brest, France)

Looking for eggs in the park




A lot of people had been waiting since 9 a.m last sunday, at the entrance of a big park ,  in my town before going on a huge egg hunt.

This new tradition, turning the old individual tradition of egg hunting in gardens into a collective one, began about 17 years ago and is organized each year by a charity called ” Secours Populaire”








"I found one!"

"I found one!"



4 000 eggs were hidden in the park for this specific day. “Flying bells” were very generous this year.

To take part in the hunt you had to go to the “bell stand” where you were given a ticket to be allowed to participate in the hunt. A little money was asked to enter it.









About 90 volunteers worked on this specific day to make the morning a success. They were in the park at 7.30 in the morning to hide Easter eggs but some of them were already at work the previous day to have everything ready for sunday morning.

The charity sold 4500 tickets . A real success! 17000 euros were collected to help distressed families in their everyday life






En famille!

Une affaire de famille, cette chasse à l'oeuf de Pâques.


A Surprise from Romania! April 12, 2009

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Click and solve! Happy Easter from Romania!

Irina and the kids.


Il grano germinato/The wheat sprouts April 8, 2009

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Come tradizione tipica del periodo di Pasqua, i bambini di tutte le classi hanno preso del grano benedetto, lo hanno appoggiato in una vaschetta di plastica  su uno strato di ovatta, lo hanno inumidito con l’acqua e lo hanno tenuto al buio per 10-15 giorni facendolo germogliare. Il Giovedì Santo, il grano germinato al buio, che sta nascendo, come la vita di Pasqua che deve rinascere, verrà portato in chiesa per decorare le cappelle del Santissimo.
As a typical Easter time tradition, the children of all the classes took some blessed wheat grains, put them in a small plastic basin on a layer of cotton, dampened it with water and  kept it in the dark for 10-15 days letting it germinate. On the Holy Thursday the wheat sprouts coming up , like the Easter life that  has to revive, will be brougth to the church to decorate the  Blessed Sacrament chapel.

Ecco  alcune foto dei germogli di grano pronti per essere portati in Chiesa:quelli gialli sono stati tenuti al buio, quelli verdi sul davanzale della finestra/ Here are some photos of  the wheat sprouts ready to be taken to the church: The yellow ones  has been kept in the dark, the green ones on the windowsill.







Scuola Primaria  “A. Ciancia” – Francavilla in Sinni (PZ) – Italia


Happy Easter! / Buona Pasqua! April 7, 2009

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I biglietti realizzati dagli alunni per augurare a Tutti “Buona Pasqua!”
The cards made by the children to wish everyone “Happy Easter!”
Scuola Primaria “A. Ciancia” – Francavilla in Sinni (PZ) – Italia