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I am going to leave some work from my children in England, UK about MOTHER’S DAY and how they feel about their Mothers. As you can see from what the children have written, Mothers are very special. (which I’m sure they are all over the World !!) In England we celebrate Mother’s Day on the 4th Sunday in Lent and have done so since the 16th century !! This happens to be coming up on Sunday of this week : March 2nd.
Happy reading guys !


I love you mum because you take care of me on holiday plus all the other things you do for me. I like going swimming. I like you when you buy me some new clothes.


My mum is the best mum ever because she looks after me on holiday when we go to Cornwall. I was really excited about you being a dinner lady at my school. I really wanted you to be a dinner lady so I could see you during the day.


I can remember when my mum was pregnant with my brother and sister and now she is having another baby. I am going to see her when she is in hospital.


I loved it when we went on the Oblivion ride at Alton Towers. I love it when we bake cakes. I like helping my mum with the baby. I like watching Torchwood with my mum on Wednesdays. I like it when she takes me to the park and when she tells me stories and best of all I love it when she kisses me goodnight.


A time when I loved my mum the most was when I got my first plastic three piece golf set from the shops. It contained an iron wedge and a putter. It also had 4 balls 2 holes and 2 flags.


My mum is special because she helps me tidy up my bedroom. I love my mum, she is the best mum in the world.


Mum , you are special to me because you are my mum. You always clean my room and you got me a TV and most of all you let me have 2 dogs. I love you mum and I hope you like the card on Mother’s day. Thanks for the new bed.


My mum is special because she helps me cook. I like cooking pancakes and other kinds of cakes. I like doing drinks with my mum. Me and mum cook chilli together. Me and my brother like going to the park.


Thank you for taking me out on Halloween. I love you mum you are the best mum ever. I would never let you leave without me. My mum brings money home from work. She gives me £4 every Saturday so I can buy drinks or sweets in case I am thirsty or hungry.


I remember when I went on holiday and I went down the slide and burnt both my legs. I remember that you had to put cream on my legs. I liked it when we went on the train.


My mum is so beautiful and kind, she is also helpful, she helps everyone. Mum helps me with everything even my homework.


I like painting with my mum. I like camping with my mum and colouring. Going for rides with my mum is fun. We go shopping at Morrisons supermarket together and that is fun. Playing games, watching TV, DVDs and playing hide and seek with my mum is good fun. Walking to school and swimming with my mum is fun. I will love my mum forever.


Remember when we went on the trampoline mum ? You are lovely mum and I love helping you mum. I will always love you. Do you remember when we went to Butlins and we played crazy golf and you took the flag out of the hole and you scored ? It was funny. Remember when we went to Whitby and I was frightened of Dracula but in the end I was fine.


I used to love going to the park with my mum. We had lots of great times, one time she tried to play football and she tripped over but she wasn’t hurt. I also like going on holiday with my mum. We always go in the arcades together. I remember one time I won a big teddy bear. Mum and I go swimming and when we go in the deep end she lets me jump in.


My mum took me on holiday and it was good because she came in the water. Mum took me to get my hair cut and then she took me and my sister to the park. My mum baked chocolate cakes with me and my sister they were delicious. When I was really sick my mum took me to the doctors. We go to the ASDA store together shopping.


My mum is the best mum in the world. She is kind, helpful and beautiful. She is so nice I should give her an award because she makes me cakes and buys me lots of things. I would like to give her five boxes of chocolates and a sports car. Every time she is nice I will buy her flowers. She makes the best cakes, I think she could be a baker. Mum organises parties for me and takes me 10 pin bowling and buys food from Pizza Hut.


My mum is kind and lovely. I help my mum to clean my room. My mum is special because she takes me to Argos and buys me a game.


My mum is the best mum in the world because she gives me money. She plays on my brother’s X box and my Nintendo wii. She even takes me to Newcastle. Mum saves up some money so we can go to Blackpool. We play on the beach. Once I bought her a big box of chocolates.

Callum  My Mum

My mum is special because she takes me to Pizza Hut. On sunny days she takes me to the park to play with my new friends. My mum brings me treats home from work.


I love my mum because she always treats me well. I love cooking with her we cook pasta with mince meat. When she goes to work she looks very beautiful. We go to the shops and she buys me lovely cakes. My mum is extremely kind she gives me pocket money.


I love my mum because she spends a lot of time with me. My mum teaches me how to cook, she showed me how to make a boiled egg. Once we made stew together. I love my mum because she buys me lots of things.


I can remember when we went to the Isle of Wight. My mum and I went on the water ride and it was fun, afterwards we had ice – cream. My mum is special because I love her very much.


My mum is the best mum ever. She treats me so well in a nice kind way. I will never change her in any other way. My mum does anything for me just like my dad. These are some of the things she does for me she loves me, gives me food, buys me clothes and takes me out. I love my mum for many things.


I love my mum because she looks after me. I try to help my mum to do lots of jobs like cleaning and taking the bin out. My mum takes me and my brother out to the park and plays games with us. She buys me books and pens and paints because she knows I love drawing. My mum is very special.

More about festivities


From Class 5 – Churchfields Primary School – Newcastle-under- Lyme – England – UK


A typical Italian festivity: the Carnival/Una festività tipica italiana: Carnevale February 15, 2008

italian-festivities-019.jpg italian-festivities-012.jpg italian-festivities-010.jpg italian-festivities-005.jpg italian-festivities-007.jpg italian-festivities-016.jpg italian-festivities-018.jpg

In Italia e nella nostra regione, la Basilicata, festeggiamo Carnevale in Febbraio o in Marzo, 40 giorni prima della Pasqua per tre giorni. Domenica, Lunedì e Martedì.
Durante questa festa ci mascheriamo da streghe, principesse, Spiderman, Zorro, Biancaneve ed altri. I bambini vanno di porta in porta e ricevono caramelle, cioccolate e soldi. L’ultima sera, a mezzanotte dopo una sfilata ed una festa, bruciamo un pupazzo fatto con vecchi vestiti, che rappresenta Carnevale, su un falò proprio come il vostro ” Guy”. Durante questi giorni , fra le altre cose, si mangiano un sacco di polpette.

In Italy and in our region, Basilicata,we celebrate Carnival in February or in March, 40 days before Easter for three days: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
During this festivity we put on masks like witches, princesses, Spiderman, Zorro, Snow-white and others.
Children go door to door and receive sweets, chocolates and money. The last night, at midnight, after a parade and a party, we burn a puppet made with old clothes, that represents Carnival, on a bonfire just like your “Guy”. during these days, with the other things, we eat a lot of meatballs.

Claase 4^B- Scuola Primaria “A. Ciancia”- Francavilla in Sinni (PZ)


A Traditional Carnival Instrument from Italy

Let’s celebrate Carnival at the “Cupe Cupe” sound!



During the Carnival parades, plays and fancy parties we accompany our songs and our dances with the “Cupe Cupe”, a tipycal Carnival instrument that everyone can make with his own hands.
To make a “Cupe Cupe” you need to have a big cylinder shaped tin, a piece of thin cane long about 30 cm, a piece of cloth o, rather, the skin of the pig bladder, worked and stretched out.
Take the tin and cover it at the open end by the cloth after you have tied the cane in its middle.
To fix it at the tin use a string rolled more times in way the cloth remains well stretched.
You obtain the sound handling the cane by the wet hand and doing a movement from up to down.
To have the possibility to wet your hand in every moment, especially during the parades, pour on some water, through the cloth, directly into the tin.
At our “Cupe Cupe” sound we intonate our traditional Carnival songs that are strictly in Francavilla dialect. If you want to listen to one of them and see how we play the ” Cupe Cupe” go on “Italia chiama Europa” on the sidebar.
Classe 5 ^A -Scuola Primaria “A. Ciancia” – Francavilla in Sinni (PZ ) Italia

Some typical Carnival masks from Italy

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In Italy, this year, we celebrate the Carnival on the 3rd ,4th and 5th of February, just before Lent . On this occasion we put on traditional masks. In our country each region or each city has got a traditional Carnival mask: here are some of them in our drawings.

vincenzo-pio.jpg carnival-2008.jpg mg.jpg clarissa-federica.jpg carnevale.jpg

carnevale2.jpg tonia.jpg

Classe 5^A – Scuola Primaria “A. Ciancia”- Francavilla in Sinni (PZ) Italia

FlashMeeting next Wednesday February 14, 2008

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Our first FlashMeeting will take place on
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Welcome message February 12, 2008

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Hello, everybody!

Those of you who are already acquainted with may have found out that the partners in that project want to go on with their collaboration. The topic for this blog is TRADITIONS in their countries, regions, cities, towns, villages, and even homes, but people and especially students from all over the world are welcome to post here as well.

We are interested in traditions whether they are very old or recent. We want to discover the particular things that make the world so interesting.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Liliana Mihalachi

Comanesti and Humoreni Schools (Romania)