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Springtime and the festival of Celtic bands May 2, 2009

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Le Printemps des sonneurs

Marching down the streets

Marching down the streets

Since 1997, in my town, Celtic bands have celebrated springtime.

The idea of this festival was born in a local group of musicians. The local band called « Kevrenn Sant Mark», Breton word to say band with bagpipes, heavy drums and the traditional musical instrument « bombarde », wished to invite their friends to celebrate the arrival of spring.


Ever since, faithful bands « bagadoù » have come to Brest to march down two long streets for a parade which takes place at the end of April or at the beginning of May every year.This year, it will be the 12h edition.

The audience is massive and people gather on pavements to see them walking down the streets. The music is impressive and the audience is overwhelmed with joy and pride. Every « Bagad » has got its traditional costume too and it is a festival of colours too .

Young kids are also included and trained to play this band music. This year a 10 year-old young boy will take part in the local band for the first time. He is a little bit stressed and his photo is in the local press. Good luck to that young gentleman.

Getting ready

Getting ready

This year poster

This year's poster

Here is, on the right, this year’s poster which has promoted the event in town.

Blanche Hermine

Last year's poster

Last year, they had a great poster which has been my favourite up to now. It represents a little white animal called an ermine, the symbol of Brittany. Nice animal which has become very rare, nearly extinct.


4 Responses to “Springtime and the festival of Celtic bands”

  1. netdruide Says:

    Mais où étais-je donc le samedi 2 mai?
    J’ai raté quelque chose.
    J’aimerais savoir si l’année prochaine cette manifestation se reproduira?

  2. Marie-France Says:

    To netdruide,

    Yes, this event has been taking place since 1997. It is a rather new tradition which will carry on because of its popular success. So just check in town or on the net. I wonder what the poster to anounce the event is going to be like. Usually they are very creative and always related to Brittany.
    Prochaine édition: fin avril- début mai 2010.

  3. Annaïg 602 Says:

    the photo “Marching down the streets” is nice. Last year’s is nice too.
    Annaïg, 602

  4. Marie-France Says:

    Great posters, aren’t they?

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