Traditions across Europe-an eTwinning project

“Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, TRADITION and myth frame our response.” (Arthur Schlesinger Jr.)


Filed under: Halloween — Gina @ 11:10 pm

Just to wish you: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Solo per augurarvi: FELICE HALLOWEEN!

Classe 2^B -Scuola Primaria “A. Ciancia”- Francavilla in Sinni (PZ) – Italia



  1. Marie-France Says:

    Happy Hallowe’en to all of you too. Great job kids.

    Une bonne fête d’Hallowe’en à tous. Bravo pour votre travail.

  2. Gina Says:

    Thanks a lot Marie-France!
    I’ve just seen your website: wonderful work!
    I enjoyed your children’s coloured pumpkins and the Greek Chestnut Day.
    We also have chestnuts in our area , many people arrive on sundays to go picking them in our woods and just today we celebrate our Chestnut Day.
    Congratulations for you work!

    • Marie-France Says:

      Hello Gina,
      The blog I showed is my colleague’s. I am just taking part in it as a follower. You contaminated me with your great blog here 🙂
      Will keep having a look at it whenever you publish posts. I know your etwinning project has been over for more than a year now but it is great you keep feeding this blog from time to time 🙂

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