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1 December – the National Day of Romania December 1, 2008

 romanian_flag3The national day of Romania also called the Union Day or the Unification Day was set after the 1989 Romanian Revolution, when the communist regime came to an end. On this day all Romanians all over the world celebrate the unification of Transylvania (the central region of Romania, where Dracula’s castle is)—which had been under Austro-Hungarian Empire—with Romania. The union of Transylvania with Romania in 1918 was the last event which marked the unification of the country. A few days before that date, three other Romanian regions became part of Romania, after being under different occupations: Banat (Austro-Hungarian occupation), Bessarabia (Russian occupation), and Bukovina (Austro-Hungarian occupation).
On the 28 December people in Bukovina (the region where we live) celebrated 90 years since Bukovina became part of Romania. Lots of officials and also people from all over Bukovina gathered in front of the old Railway Station to take part in the reconstruction of the event the way it happened in 1918.
1 December is very important to us and we also celebrate it even in school. We usually dress in our national costume and sing patriotic songs.  img_1646
Hora Unirii (The Unity Hora (dance) ) sung and danced on this occasion is a Romanian folk tune of a slow but energetic round dance joined by the whole attendance. The round dance (hora) symbolizes spiritual communion, equality and the wish for a common life.
La multi ani, romani! Happy National Day to all the Romanians in the world!
Liliana&the kids

5 Responses to “1 December – the National Day of Romania”

  1. ivasil Says:

    A few more on this day:
    The year 1918 is a moment of maximum importance in the Romanian history through the achievement of the greatest dream of the Romanians: TO UNITE, a process achieved in 3 steps:
    1-The Basarabian step
    The unification of the territory between Prut, Nistru and the Black Sea with The Romanian Kingdom and it was realized in 27th March 1918.
    2-The Bucovinean step
    On 28th of November,at Cernauti,The General Congress of Bucovina, had a session which approved the decision to unite willingly with Romania.
    3-The Transilvanian step
    On the 1st December 1918 1228 people from 80 cities and 5000 villages met at Alba Iulia and voted the Declaration of Unification. Then the delegates went to Campul lui Horea where 1000 Romanians were waiting to announce the great act that was achieved on that day.

    The country that was born on December 1st 1918, holding all the historical territories, is known by the name of Romania Mare (The Great Romania).

    La multi ani!
    Irina and the kids.

  2. quincy Says:

    what are the main foods romanians eat on nationals day???????

  3. rusnac Says:


  4. […] 1 December – the National Day of Romania December 2008 3 comments 5 […]

  5. Tudor Says:

    Actually it is not about 1989 Revolution … It is about the time when 3 parts of the country got united…

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