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25th November – Teddy Bear Day (“plush” bear) in Poland November 25, 2008

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They are soft, nice to touch, have dark eyes made with buttons, glass or plastic, they are favourite children’s toys, but adults like hugging them too. 25th November in Poland is World Teddy Bear Day (światowy Dzień Pluszowego Misia).

The first producer of the famous bears, an American, actually had the idea of the toy after he sa w the picture in which American President, Theodore Roosevelt does not want to shoot a bear cub while he is hunting. Teddy is a diminutive form of Theodore. To celebrate the event, 100 years later the 25th November became World Teddy Bear Day.

In Poland children love to celebrate the day, they bring plush bears to their kindergarden and proudly show them to their friends and teachers and of course play with them. Sometimes they have them dressed up.

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World Teddy (“plush”) Bear Day

In some museums different exhibitions are organized. In Kielce, e.g. at the Museum of Toys and Play children can admire 135 teddy bears from Poland and other countries. In Poland we have a teddy bear – Miś Uszatek, from an old Polish cartoon film and known by not only children but also their parents and

grandparents. At the museum you can also admire another famous Polish teddy bear saved during Warsaw Uprisal (1944).

In Poland there is a magazine for children called “MIś” (Bear), the year 2007 was announced by the magazine as “Bear’s Year”.

I think it is a very funny day. It is a perfect opportunity to spend time with all the family and play with plush bears.

by Magda

Gimnazjum nr 18, Gdańsk, Poland