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30th November in Poland – St Andrew’s Night November 24, 2008

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It is a special day. On this day we celebrate a tradition of future telling, especially for non married girls.

This event, in Polish called Andrzejki, has been celebrated in Poland since the turn of 16 and 17th centuries. The main purpose of Andrzejki celebrations is to predict the future of an unmarried girl, especially her prospects of finding a good relationship. Young men also celebrate a similar event on St Catherine’s night, but it is not as popular as Andrzejki and some people have never heard about it.

Some of the rituals on the Andrzejki night:

  • pouring melted wax through a key into a bowl of cold water, (the shadows created this way help guess the future) it must be dark in the room and there can be only a candle light, of course it adds to the atmosphere of the evening.

  • pieces of paper with male first names are put on the edges of the bowl filled with water. A candle in the middle of it will burn one of the pieces first thus telling the name of a future husband .

  • three cups flipped upside down, under them a wedding ring, a small cross and a green plant are put. Who choses the ring will have a happy marriage, a cross will bring a life in monastery and the green plant is predicting the unmarried life.
  • tossing shoes of girls, shoes are arranged one after another along the wall and moved gradually one after another in the direction of the door. The first pair on the doorstep will belong to the girl who will get married as first.

by Aleksandra, Filip and Nikola

In Poland we eat everyday meals on this day, we know in Scotland people eat fish because st Andrew was a fisherman (st. Andrew is the patron of Scotland).

On this day we sometimes have a pyjama party. We can eat chips and drink piccolo and watch horror films.

by Agnieszka, Marta, Klaudia and Asia

Gimnazjum nr 18, Poland