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Romania- 24th June: Saint John the New of Suceava June 25, 2008

Every year, on the 24th June, the Orthodox people in Romania celebrate the great martyr and saint John the New of Suceava (in Romanian: Sfantul Mare Mucenic Ioan cel Nou de la Suceava).Here you can find a short article about his life.

His relics are kept in the monastery which bears his name and which is located in the centre of Suceava town. Here is a photo of the monastery:

On this day, lots of people from all over Romania and even Ukraine (the border with Ukraine is very close to the town of Suceava) come here on a pilgrimage to pray and touch the relics of the saint.

The pilgrimage usually starts on the 23rd of June, early in the morning, when the priests move the sarcophagus with the relics of the saint outside the church, under the lime trees in the monastery’s courtyard. In the evening, the priests pray together with the pilgrims until late at night. Lots of pilgrims choose to spend the night near the relics of the saint praying individually. In the morning they attend the liturgy. After the liturgy, the relics of the saint are carried throughout the town. They say it always rains on this day.

More than 15, 000 people came to Suceava this year to pray because it is believed that the relics can perform miracles and bring health and happiness. Here are a few photos and a short video.