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“Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, TRADITION and myth frame our response.” (Arthur Schlesinger Jr.)

The “Merry Cemetery” in Sapanta October 16, 2008

This is a remote spot, in the Northern part of our country, but it’s such a peculiar and famous one we felt you ought to know about it. Sapanta is the most well-known place in Maramures. This small village near the town of Sighetul Marmatiei amuses its visitors with the “Merry Cemetery”. People from foreign counties come to see this unique place.
This is a real cemetery, but unlike any other, it bursts with color and the tombstones are written all over with witty poems, some of them quite funny, depicting the life of the one that is buried there.
Most of these naive “works of art” are painted with scenes from the life and work of the dead, or show their weaknesses. Ion liked to drink, so he is pictured with a bottle. George played the violin at weddings, so he still holds it. All the tombstones are cut in wood by the same local carver, who follows the tradition established by his father.
Just an optimistic way to see death: as a natural part of our life.