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Rhymes and Christmas Cards December 26, 2009

Filed under: Christmas — philjohnson @ 5:45 pm

The children have been writing nice words about their parents for their Christmas cards using similes. in English when we say someone is like someone or something else it is called a simile. these poems are full of similes.

This is what they wrote :
You are as caring as my teddy bear                                                                   
You are as delicious and as creamy as vanilla ice cream                  
You are as brigth as Tenerife                                                                                    
To me you are as brilliant as JLS                                                                         
You are as tasty as fish and chips
You are as bright and as sunny as Florida
I love you more than my Wii 
You are as sweet as coca cola
You are as cute as a kitten
You are as beautiful as a rose
You are as wonderful as Drayton Manor Park
You are as tasty as strawberry cake
You are as nice as chocolate
You are as sunny as the sun
You are as warm as a robe
You are as red as a rose
You are as red as Rudolf’s nose
You are better than my puppy
You are as beautiful as bluebells
You are as brigth and sunny as Spain
You are beautiful as a glittery diamond ring
You are as wonderful as Cheryl Cole.
Phil and the class 4 – Churchfields Primary School- Chesterton, Newcastle-under-Lyme- UK

2 Responses to “Rhymes and Christmas Cards”

  1. Marie-France&kids Says:

    Lovely and some unusual similes for Xmas! Great idea these semiles.
    Joyeux Noël from France 🙂

  2. Liliana Says:

    Indeed, a great idea! Congrats!

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