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Describing Christmas/ Descrivendo il Natale December 26, 2009

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Tutti insieme i nostri bambini hanno provato a creare, in Italiano, delle similitudini sul Natale che richiamano alcune nostre tradizioni/All together our childen tried to create , in Italian, some similes about Christmas that remind some traditions of ours:


Il Natale è / Christmas is:


rosso come la Stella di Natale
as red as the Christmas Flower

buono come i “Panzerotti con le castagne”                                                                                                                                   as good as the “Chestnuts pancakes

giallo come la stella cometa
as yellow as the comet star

bianco come la neve                                                                                                                                              as white as the snow

santo come Gesù Bambino
as holy as Baby Jesus

luminoso e colorato come l’albero di Natale
as brigth and coloured as the Christmas Tree

dolce come il Panettone
as sweet as the Panettone

 Gina e la Classe 1^B -Scuola Primaria “A. Ciancia” – Francavilla in Sinni (PZ) -Italia


2 Responses to “Describing Christmas/ Descrivendo il Natale”

  1. Liliana Says:

    Very interesting idea to do this with your pupils. I think I will copy it for the next Christmas. 😉

  2. Gina Says:

    Do you like it?
    Actually Philip Johnson gave me the idea sending my children his children’s similes about the parents for their Christmas cards. First my children read and drew them, as you can see on, then they tried to create their own ones to describe Christmas!
    All the best!

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