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Romanian Superstitions November 11, 2009

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Superstitions reveal a lot about a people, at the same time showing their fears and hopes.

Here are a few Romanian superstitions:

Spilling salt means bad luck, having a quarrel. In order to avoid the bad luck or to prevent quarrel, one has to throw but a pinch of salt that was spilled over the shoulder;

It is not good to whistle inside a house, because you will lose your money;

One should never hand over a wedding ring directly to some else because that brings bad luck for the marriage. At first, one should put the ring at the table so the other person can pick it up;

It is not good to give something to a person while standing on the threshold;

One must not put bread upside down. This will bring bad luck;

If you travel you should not turn half way even when you forget something. This will bring bad luck. In case you want to, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and make a little grimace;

Bouquets must have an odd number of flowers. Thus, never give 4, 6, 8 flowers to a person. Explanation: bouquets with even numbers are for funeral ceremonies or cemeteries;

When a person praises a child, like “What a nice child”, the child should be wearing something red. This can prevent the child from bad curses. In case the child did not wear anything red, a person who has experience has to remove the curse and will be asked to speak some formulas to remove the bad spell. This is also why in Romania horses that pull carts carry red threads;

When your nose is itchy, you will have a party or festivity, an occasion to drink. Or you will receive some news;

One must avoid meeting a person who carries an empty bucket, basket, or can. If you meet someone with a full basket, that means good luck;

It is not good to whistle inside a house, because you will lose your money.


Liliana&the kids


12 Responses to “Romanian Superstitions”

  1. Marie-France Says:

    What a list of superstitions! Every country has got its own superstitions but maybe we have one in common: Friday the 13th, which is considered in France to bring good or bad luck! Everybody knows when friday 13th is!
    Next friday will be friday 13th! It is up to you to decide if it is going to be a lucky or an unlucky day!

  2. Joe Molloy Says:

    We all survived Friday 13th in Saint Attracta’s Senior National School.

    I thought Irish people were superstitious but that Romanian list beats them all.

    Here is 2 from ireland. Your never give a present of gloves without including a little money. Avoid complimenting a baby on its good looks just in case it was kidnapped by the fairies!!!

  3. Liliana&the kids Says:

    Guess what happened yesterday, Friday 13th! Our blog was suspended. I couldn’t believe my eyes. However, I wrote to the people in charge of the WordPress platform, I immediately contacted Joe Molloy (our ICT specialist here) as well and our blog is now back online. Thank God!

    • Marie-France Says:

      Friday the 13th! Told you! 🙂 Either good or bad!! You had it bad and it was not your decision!
      On second thought, I will be more careful next time!
      Take care!

  4. Gina Says:

    I’m very happy to see our blog here and, of course, your interesting post.
    Apart that one about Friday 13th taking bad luck, there are many of them similar to our superstitions: the bread upside down, number of flowers in a bouquet, praising a child ( we have to say ” benedica”). And in addition: spreading oil, breaking a mirror, see a black cat crossing the road (especially if it’s Friday and worste if 13th), passing under a stair and many others… take bad luck. anyway all is good what ends good!
    A big hug to everyone!

  5. Marie-France Says:

    A few more from France:
    Never open an umbrella in a room or you might get into trouble during the day!
    And for the number of flowers in a bouquet, you better check there is an uneven number of flowers, just like in Romania! An even number of flowers on graves and at a funeral.
    A wedding on a wet day will be a successful match!
    There are so many that it will take an entire book to write them all.

  6. Gina Says:

    Do you know Marie France?
    In the South of Italy we have exactly the same superstitions you described about the umbrella, the number of flowers and a wet wedding day!

  7. oide Says:

    Traditionsacrosseurope is blocked by the Irish School Broadband Service due to porn links in the comments which have now been deleted. I have applied to have it approved.

    • Liliana&the kids Says:

      I kept emptying the spam folder, but I have a feeling I approved comments which seemed OK, but instead had porn links. I am really sorry. Although I empty the spam folder very often, every day there are around 100 messages there.
      I hope you’ll manage to have it approved again in your school.

  8. Joe Molloy Says:

    I will delete spam as I see them.It looks like the site is being targetted. It should be re-approved by FortiNet for Monday.

    We are all learning our carols and doing new art work for Carolling in Europe and this site. We can cross post to both sites.

  9. george marinesscu Says:

    I was quite surprised to see non romanians people have so much things in common with us romanians, dont understand me wrong, but…when they hear about romanians..usualy they look with anger and they dont want to have nothing in common with us

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