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A French game: “La pétanque” July 2, 2009

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Professional balls

Professional set of "boules"

On our last day of school, we took the bus to go to the local botanical garden to have a game of “pétanque” which is a very popular game played by lots of people in Fance , especially during the summer.

18 of us chose that activity to spend our last day of the school year together. No exams for us this year so we could enjoy our day out with our teachers. We had our picnic with us so we could spend the whole day outdoors and we had a lot of fun playing “pétanque”. We can’t traslate this word in English because it is a specific French game.

Each one of us was in a team of 3, so there were 7 teams icluding the teachers! We all had two “boules”  and the aim was to get as many points as possible. A game is won if your team gets 13 points. We had to get our “boules” as close as possble to a smaller one called “cochonnet”

Cochonnet et boules

Cochonnet et boules

At times, we had to measure very precisely who got the nearest to the “cochonnet” and we use a rule  (metre) to make sure who had the point. “Pétanque” is a very serious game, you see!



We had a loooooot of fuuuun and we won against the teachers who disputed each point!!



and discussion!

and discussion!

When we came back to school we were given our trophies. The first team had a big mug each to drink chocolate in the morning, the second team a smaller mug each for tea and everybody had a token for participating ( a rocket balloon).

A good day indeed and to top it all the weather was great and warm!

Marie-France & kids ( 6émes 1 & 2) wish you a good holiday.


2 Responses to “A French game: “La pétanque””

  1. Gina Says:

    Surely you had a lot of fun!
    Anyway, your game is similar to what we call “bocce” and our grandparents used to call “stacce” ( because they played with flat stones (stacce) instead of boules).

    • Marie-France Says:

      Thanks for your ingo about your “bocce”. We have a similar game played on beaches in summer, we use flat pebbles then. I do hope your holidays are going well and we are starting ours today.
      Our etwinning blog is well under way to start with the kids in september. Your blog has been a reference for us because of the good job you have been doing.
      If you wish to visit us you will find us on
      Have a great summer and thanks again for showing us the way.

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