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A gift for the 1st of May April 29, 2009

Filed under: 1 May — mariedebretagne2 @ 3:25 pm

Shall we offer you lily of the valley. Sorry we couldn’t add its perfume!

Marie-France and kids from 6ème 1 & 6ème2


23 Responses to “A gift for the 1st of May”

  1. Gina Says:

    Very nice slide and very nice and creative drawings!… But why have you removed the previous post about the lily?

  2. mariedebretagne2 Says:

    Hi Gina,

    I didn’t do it on purpose. I will put it back. Sorry!


  3. Leila Says:

    I like this slide show because of its pretty flowers but the texts are too short under the drawings.
    Leila 6e1

  4. ismaël Says:

    To me his very interesting. I like its presentation. I love the drawing “Flying Lily”
    Ismaël 601

  5. Imane Says:

    On this slide show, I can see beautiful drawings. They are pretty and delicate flowers with white little bells : it’s lily of the valey.
    I like the colours of the drawings too.

    Imane 6e1

  6. lea Says:

    I love this slide show because of it’s nice drawings. I prefer drawings ” nice bunch ”
    Lea 6e1

  7. wiliam Says:

    I think this slide show is very interesting with its pretty flower the lily of the valley. I like the drawing “nice bunch” best.
    William 601

  8. GWENOLA Says:

    On this slide show i can see beautiful drawings.I love “a nice bunch” very much.
    Gwenola 6e1

  9. Rebeh Says:

    I love this slide show.Every drawing is different. The flower, the lily of the valley is pretty. Congratulations to everyblody.

  10. laura Says:

    I like this slide presentation. I love the colours of the drawings . Congratulations everybody.
    Laura . 601

  11. Naël Says:

    I love every drawing but I’ve got a favorite one : ” nice bunch ” because it is very original . My Drawing is Not straight Lily .
    Naël 6e1

  12. ALEXIA Says:

    I think this slide show is very nice.I can see beaufil drawings.
    I love “pot of lily”a lot.


  13. Marine Says:

    I love margaux’s drawing “HEART LILY ” because it is beautiful .I lovethecolours and the flowers
    marine 601

  14. matthias Says:

    I think slide shox is nice. There are lots of different sort of lily of the volley. I like drawing “nice bunch”.
    Matthias 6e1

  15. margaux Says:

    I love all the drawings of the two classes. I prefer drawing “BUNCH OF FLOWER”.

  16. yasser Says:

    I love thés slide show because of its pretty flower. I like the coulours and the drawnings.
    yasser 601

  17. Hadrien Says:

    Hi !

    These drawings are good fun and they are beautiful.
    I like them a lot.
    Good work !!

    Hadrien 6°2

  18. maxime Says:

    Ilike this presentation a lot. I like drawing “a nice” bunch best. Congratulation to Imane.

  19. mathilde Says:

    These drawings are very nice and I like “nice bunch” a lot.
    Congratulations to everybody.
    Mathilde 6ème2

  20. Annaïg 602 Says:

    It’s beautiful the lily of the valley

  21. Marie-France Says:

    Thank you kids. You have done a great job.
    Mrs Munar 🙂

  22. Dylann Says:

    I like the popping drawings and I love Naël’s drawing :
    ” Not Straight lily ” . thank you very mach .


  23. hafida Says:

    These drawing of lily of the valley are colored and beautiful. they presents the fest of the lily of the valley.

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