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Easter egg hunting April 15, 2009

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Chasse à l’oeuf de Pâques

looking for eggs in the park ( Bois de keroual, Brest, France)

Looking for eggs in the park




A lot of people had been waiting since 9 a.m last sunday, at the entrance of a big park ,  in my town before going on a huge egg hunt.

This new tradition, turning the old individual tradition of egg hunting in gardens into a collective one, began about 17 years ago and is organized each year by a charity called ” Secours Populaire”








"I found one!"

"I found one!"



4 000 eggs were hidden in the park for this specific day. “Flying bells” were very generous this year.

To take part in the hunt you had to go to the “bell stand” where you were given a ticket to be allowed to participate in the hunt. A little money was asked to enter it.









About 90 volunteers worked on this specific day to make the morning a success. They were in the park at 7.30 in the morning to hide Easter eggs but some of them were already at work the previous day to have everything ready for sunday morning.

The charity sold 4500 tickets . A real success! 17000 euros were collected to help distressed families in their everyday life






En famille!

Une affaire de famille, cette chasse à l'oeuf de Pâques.


5 Responses to “Easter egg hunting”

  1. ivasil Says:

    We don’t have this egg hunt custom. How nice! Can you tell us more, please?

  2. mariedebretagne2 Says:

    Traditionally children go on an egg hunt in their gardens when they have one. Remember we have “flying bells” coming back from Rome on the night before Easter Sunday and they are supposed to deliver eggs which have been blessed by the Pope.
    As many people live in cities nowadays, not everybody has got a garden so the charity mentionned in the post ( “Le Secours Populaire”) decided to give a chance to everybody to go egg hunting. It is also a means to collect money to help deprived families. All social categories are represented in that huge egg hunt and it is a lot of fun for kids and their families. This is an old tradition which has been updated in fact.
    A lot of kids from school took part in that activity because most of them live in flats and that collective egg hunt gives them a chance to participate in this operation. Newspapers give it a good coverage to promote it and it has become very popular. Every year that egg hunt becomes bigger and bigger and it permits social mixing too.

  3. ivasil Says:

    A mixture of fun, tradition, good deeds and sharing! Wonderful!

  4. Gina Says:

    A really wonderful idea! surely children and their family had a lot of fun hunting and finding all together Easter eggs. In Italy we haven’t the eggs hunt, children receive their eggs from parents, grandparents and relatives on Easter Day. Anyway they knew the Easter Bunny tradition and the Easter egg hunt one studying English and the English culture.

  5. Marie-France Says:

    The Easter bunny belongs of the anglo-speaking world and nowadays local European tradtions are suffering from the impact of the English speaking world. It is a pity because it uniformizes our world and looses its diversity. That’s why I like this blog a lot: it gives people an idea of the diversity of our “old continent”. The Easter bunny shouldn’t erase our own traditions, don’t you think?
    Being an English language teacher I always refer to English culture but I always mention our own traditions when possible because it would be a tremendous lost if we all followed Anglo-American traditions. Kids tend to adopt what our consumers’society try to impose on them . This blog is an illustration of this resistance to this tendency and I am grateful for this.
    Thank you Gina for initiating this blog along with your partners. La différence peut être une grande richesse car elle est à la source du “génie” de chaque peuple.

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