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Buon Carnevale! / Happy Carnival! February 25, 2009

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Il mio paese, per il Carnevale, ha diverse usanze. La più diffusa e divertente per noi bambini è, durante tutto il periodo di Carnevale, mascherarsi e girare per le case chiedendo caramelle e dolciumi vari. Un’altra è festeggiare preparando polpette in piazza ed offrirle a tutta la gente. In tutte le case si preparano chiacchiere, zeppole, polpette di carne o di mollica e maiale (carne, sopersate e salsicce)  .
Tutti gli anni, inoltre, si fa una sfilata: i bambini si vestono e girano per tutto il paese buttando coriandoli e facendo scherzi di qua e di là.
Finita la sfilata si dà fuoco ad un fantoccio, simbolo del Carnevale, per indicare che il Carnevale è finito ed inizia la Quaresima.
My town, for Carnival, has got many traditions. Dressing up and going around te houses asking for candies and different sweets, during all the Carnival time, is the most popular one for us children. Celebrating making meatballs in the square and offering them to everyone is another one. In every houses they prepare “chiacchiere”, “zeppole”, “meatballs” or “crumb rissoles” and pork  (meat,” sopersate” and sausages). Then, Every years they do a parade: all the children dress up and go around the town throwing confetti and doing tricks here and there. When the parade is finished, they burn a puppet , Carnival symbol, to show that Carnival is finished and Lent starts.

Alcune specialità carnevalesche/ Some Carnival goods:






Polpette di mollica / Crumb rissoles salsicce1

Salsicce stagionata / dried sausages


Salsiccia arrostita / grilled sausage




“Sopersate”( altre specialità lucane / Lucania goods)

la sfilata / the parade:



Desiree – Classe 5^A

Ecco come i bambini di alcune classi hanno rappresentato il Carnevale:/ Here’s how the children of some classes rappresented Carnival:

Il Carnevale nel passato di Francavilla / Carnival in the past of Francavilla:

Scuola Primaria  “A. Ciancia”- Francavilla in Sinni (PZ) – Italia


3 Responses to “Buon Carnevale! / Happy Carnival!”

  1. ivasil Says:

    We don’t have these tradition, but the food in the photos looks very familiar. In my area, we have very similar dishes, and the ones looking exactly like the Chiacchiere are called “Lies” because they are so crispy and and tempting but they won’t fill you.
    Happy Carnival days to you and your pupils!
    Irina and the kids.

  2. Gina Says:

    Actually the ” Chiacchiere” are also called “Bugie”, as you said “Lies” in English. I suppose they’re the same.

  3. Phil Johnson Says:

    Well done Gina and her kids for showing us the true spirit of carnival.
    This is something we do not do quite so well in the U.K. although various towns, vilalges and cities will hold a Summer fete each year and have travelling musicians, dancers, jugglers etc. but it somehow never seems to have the party spirit of carnivals in the rest of Europe ! (Apart from, perhaps, the London Notting Hill Carnival each August which is chiefly Caribbean in theme and attracts about 1 million people each year)

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