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Our folk costumes December 20, 2008

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A few months ago, our Romanian colleague here, Irina, from Bucharest wrote an article about our folk costumes.

They are different in each region of Romania. Here is a photo of our six graders wearing them for the Christmas party we have every year at school.


The folk costume from Bukovina (our region) is interesting from the point of view of the decoration through simplicity and sobriety, the main colours being  most of the times red, black and white, although more recently other colours have been added (blue and orange, for instance).

Liliana&the kids


3 Responses to “Our folk costumes”

  1. stbrendans Says:

    Such beautiful costumes! You have a great sense of tradition in Romania. It is lovely to see that you are keeping your traditions alive by wearing your folk costumes and by singing your traditional carols so sweetly. From reading all the posts on this blog I am struck by how similar our schools all over Europe have been this past few weeks, making our cards, rehearsing our carols and decorating our homes and schools. I would like to wish all our colleagues and our readers a happy and peaceful Christmas from Ireland.
    Tom Duggan
    St. Brendan’s N.S.

  2. Gina Says:

    Yes Tom,
    you’re right, we all were similar and it’s wonderful because it let su feel that we’re an only big family!
    Merry Christmas to you!

  3. ivasil Says:

    Merry Christmas to you, too, Tom!

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