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No Fur Day- 25th November – Poland November 25, 2008

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It is a day of protests against wearing fur . People organizing the protests every year try to convince Polish society how cruel it is to kill animals just to get their fur. The aim of the action is making such practices illegal.

To join the action it is enough to collect signatures under petitions, give leaflets to people in the street, put posters on the walls or even organize a multimedia presentation at schools. Even Presidents of Polish Universities in a way joined the action, some of them promised to reconsider using artificial fur for their gowns.

Gimnazjum nr 18, Gdańsk, Poland


One Response to “No Fur Day- 25th November – Poland”

  1. Conor A Says:

    You should wear fake fur and recycle the old fur that you don’t use. You shouldn’t kill animals for fur because you wouldn’t like it if an animal killed us and used our skin as coats. Our group agrees that it is a good idea not to kill animals just for their fur. Do ye kill and eat cows in Poland? If you do kill cows you could use their hides to make leather jackets instead of using fur jackets, you should put posters in the streets. You could try putting an add on the tv.
    Conor, Jody, Katelynn,

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