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2nd November – All Souls Day in Polish tradition (with pagan roots) and literature November 24, 2008

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The 2nd November is a special occasion to pray for our family and for those that died but are still in purgatory waiting to be able to enter heaven.

The masses are held in churches just on the 1st November.

A Polish great poet and writer, Adam Mickiewicz, described this day in his book entitled “Dziady”. “Dziady” in English has a meaning of “grandfathers” or “forefathers” or just old men. The day was actually called Dziady in the past in Poland. It is an old tradition with pagan roots celebrated in the area of Eastern Poland, Belarus and Lithuania about four times a year.

According to Mickiewicz, common peopl were gathering in abandned houses or chapels near the cemeteries with food and drinks for the souls. The souls were then summoned back and their life and deeds were discussed and judged according to the folk wisdom. People were judged not only for what they did but also for what they didn’t do, failed to do or for what they lacked.

by Natalia, Sandra and Martyna

Gimnazjum nr 18, Gdańsk


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