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Halloween celebrated in our school November 5, 2008

Here are some photos from our Halloween party at school. Halloween is not part of our tradition, but lots of young people celebrate it. It is more an opportunity to go out with their friends and do something different from their day-to-day life.

Pumpkins, costumes and lots of fun:

Apple bobbing:

Liliana&the kids


8 Responses to “Halloween celebrated in our school”

  1. Gina Says:

    Wow! Surely all of you had a lot of fun having party and playing with apples! Wonderful costumes and original pumpkins!

  2. ivasil63 Says:

    Huge pumpkins! Did you also use them for the pie?
    My kids had great fun with all these Halloween posts!

  3. Liliana Says:

    Thank you, Gina!
    Indeed, the kids had a lot of fun… and two of them managed to grab the apples with their teeth. 😛
    All the best from Romania!

    Liliana&the kids

  4. Liliana Says:

    Good idea, Irina! 😉 We’ll make a pumpkin pie next time.
    My pupils enjoyed all the postings as well. Halloween is fascinating for them.

    Liliana&the kids

  5. stbrendans Says:

    Dear Liliana and pupils,
    Your costumes, face painting and pumpkins are very impressive. Well done.
    You all look like you are having great fun with the bobbing for apples.
    The photos are lovely.
    Did you have a mid term break at Halloween like we do in Ireland?

  6. Liliana Says:

    Thank you very much, Tom!
    We didn’t have a mid term break, only the primary school pupils had a one-week break.
    All the best from Romania!


  7. Gina Says:

    Le vostre foto di Halloween sono molto belle e le abbiamo viste tutte e molto volentieri.
    Noi non abbiamo festeggiato Halloween a scuola,ma abbiamo fatto solo i bigliettini che poi abbiamo inviato.
    Giuseppe,Alessio e Francesco della classe quinta B

  8. Liliana Says:

    Grazie Giuseppe, Alessio e Francesco!

    Bello mandare dei bigliettini. Forse l’anno prossimo facciamo un Halloween party insieme online. 😉

    All the best from Romania!


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