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Hurling- A Traditional Irish Sport October 14, 2008

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Hurling is a unique Irish field game. It is the fastest field game in the world. In hurling you use a stick called a hurley and a ball called a sliotar and you wear a helmet to protect your head. The aim of the game is to get the most goals and points within 70 minutes. A goal is worth 3 points. After 35 minutes through the game its half time. Hurling is a lot like hockey except in hockey you don’t raise the ball whereas in hurling you do. A hurley is made from ash and a sliotar is made from leather. A sliotar is much like a cricket ball but it’s lighter. Ireland’s Croke Park is the fourth largest stadium in Europe It cost 260 million euro to build. It can hold up to 83,000 people. The stadium has two large screens at either side of the pitch. The All Ireland final is always played on the first Sunday of September and it is played in Croke Park every year. Our county Kilkenny won their 31st All-Ireland final last Sunday against our neighbouring county Waterford. This year I was there myself. Waterford had not been in the All-Ireland final for the past 43 years!!!. Waterford had more supporters because they were so eager to win it. Every year you were allowed to run on the pitch after the game but this year you were not allowed to go on the pitch but everyone did anyway, (including me!!!). When the match was over the winning team lifts a cup called the Liam Mc Carthy Cup. The Kilkenny colours are black and amber. The Waterford colours are blue and white. There are 5 different areas in Croke Park, there’s Hill 16, the Hogan stand, Nally stand, the Cusack stand and the Canal End. I was standing on Hill 16. Kilkenny is the most successful hurling team in Ireland. Cork is another successful hurling team in Ireland with 30 All-Ireland titles.

Kieran Purcell

5th class


6 Responses to “Hurling- A Traditional Irish Sport”

  1. Gina Says:

    Very interesting sport! I really don’t follow sport, but it looks pittoresque, surely my students would like it!
    I suppose seeing your team winning the cup was a great happiness for you, wasn’t it? Were you alone there or with your friends? Have you celebrated a lot after the winning match? In what way? Why the cup in called “Liam Mc Carthy Cup”?

  2. Kieran Says:

    Thanks for your coments Gina. When our team won the All-Ireland for the third time in a row we were all delighted. Anyway after the first half we knew they were going to win because we were so far ahead. At the match I was with my dad and my aunt was at a different stand. After the match me and my dad went to the team hotel and we stayed for the celebrations and stayed over night.The next day there was a homecoming in Kilkenny city and the whole team parade around the city in an open topped bus and they hold the Liam Mc Carthy Cup in front of them. A couple of weeks later some of the players come to most schools in the county. Some of our past pupils come to this school as they are on the panel. The cup is called the Liam Mc Carthy Cup because Liam Mc Carthy presented the cup to thank the GAA for all its work and to encourage greater interest in hurling.
    Kieran Purcell
    5th class.

  3. Liliana Says:

    My pupils love sport and they would love to learn to play hurling.
    Congrats for the post and photos. They are really nice and interesting.

    Liliana&the kids

  4. ivasil Says:

    We also have a traditional sport in Romania called “oina”, which is also played with a little ball and a stick. It looks rather similar to hurling. Although it is not frequently played nowadays, our pupils used to play it a few years ago. There were training a lot and really liked it. They will write something about this sport, I hope, so that you guys can compare them.
    Irina and the kids from School 92, Bucharest

  5. Kieran Says:

    Dear Irina and the kids,
    Thanks for your reply. We’re looking forward to learning more about “oina”. Last Saturday we had a shinty match against Scotland and it was played in Kilkenny. Shinty is a sport that is a cross between hurling and hockey but its more like hurling. It is also played with a stick and a little leather ball. When Ireland play shinty they use their hurleys but when Scotland play shinty they use their shinty sticks.
    Kieran Purcell
    5th class.

  6. gina Says:

    hello questo sito è bellissimo

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