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The Bell Rings! September 19, 2008

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We have started lessons and I would like to suggest a topic: comparing school traditions.

Each school has its own, connected to events in the school life, and I am sure we will find we have many similar ones.

The one I wat to tell you about today might be one of these. It has two parts, that take place in the first and the last day of the school year. They are called “The First/Last Ring of the Bell”. In the center of the first one are the new pupils, the first grade children, stepping into the school for the first time. After the school-year opening ceremony, they are invited to enter the school in a festive way: the oldest students, the 8th graders, form a tunnel at the entrance, holding flowers in their hands and the small kids, nervous and solemn, go through this flower arch into the main door, while the bell rings for the first time that year and and the school anthem is played. The mothers are sobbing, the fathers are taking pictures, everybody is smiling. It’s a very touching moment.

The second part is a similar one to celebrate the graduates on their last day in our school. The bell rings for them for the last time and they come out of school through a similar flower tunnel formed by the 4th graders, the ones taking their place in the Secondary Course. The graduates say a few good-bye words to their teachers and class-mates. It’s a very emotional moment, both for pupils and for teachers, even if it happens every June.

I am sorry to have no photos from this year’s ceremony, but it was pouring with rain!

A wonderful school-year to all the contributors and the readers of this blog!

Irina Vasilescu, School no. 92, Bucharest


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