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Horseracing September 17, 2008

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Another contribution from the GSg Schagen, location Hofstraat. You can contact us by mail:

In Schagen, there is horseracing in the city every year.

People sit in a car and let the horse race. The horses may not

gallop, than you are disqualified. Who has the fastest horse,

wins. They receive the cup and the money.

It’s every year on the first Monday of September. The horses

train all year. On the match they must run a lot circles.

We go there every year. We look at the horses the whole

time and we enjoy it very much.

Merel’s horse takes part in it and won. His name

is Twister and he is three years old. Merel is very proud of him.

The horseracing is always on a Thursday in the

summerseason. The race is only once a year.

In 2008 the Horseracing will exist for 125 years. And it starts

at half past one till four o’clock.

Permilla Brak,
Merel van Dongen


Maurice Kiewiet.



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