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West-frysian market August 4, 2008

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Hello everybody,


Here is a contribution to this site from the Gsg Schagen, the Netherlands, location Hofstraat. During the last schoolyear a class (first year of English) was divided in small groups and each group had to write something about a local or national festivity. This time something from Zoe and Anne.


The westfriese market is on 10 Thursday mornings in the holiday season, when


people are dressed up in costumes from the beginning of the 19th century.


There are also prams and carriages from that time. 


There are stalls with food, clothes, etc.


Sometimes we go there on Thursday morning, when we have the morning off.

We used to go with my grandfather and grandmother to the West-friese market.





For more information google: westfriesemarkt



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