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Saints Peter and Paul’s Day Fair June 30, 2008

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On the 29th of June it’s Saints Peter and Paul’s Day.

Each year on this day there’s a big two-days fair at the Village Museum in Bucharest. There are shows with traditional dances and songs, but the most interesting thing to see these two days are the displays of the craftsmen coming to Bucharest from all over the country. You can see, buy, taste and even watch them make about anything you can think of: rugs, traditional costumes, dolls, masks, sweets, pottery, house decorations, glass, wood, straw, bone and leather objects, jewels, musical instruments, icons painted on wood or glass and many more. Everything is hand-made, using only natural materials and even the environment, the displays and the craftsmen are a joy for visitors’ eyes.

Here are some scenes. We hope you enjoy them.

Irina and the kids from School 92, Bucharest


2 Responses to “Saints Peter and Paul’s Day Fair”

  1. Gina Says:

    Wonderful thinks, objects and colours!
    Are the handmade carpets a special Romanian tradition?
    And what about the masks? Have they got any particular meaning?
    Any way a great slide with beautiful pictures!

  2. ivasil Says:

    Thank you, Gina. It was a very nice fair.
    Yes, the rugs are a traditional thing; they are indeed woven by hand, made of wool and placed also on the walls, not only on the floor, as ornaments.
    The masks are mostly used for winter traditions, such as caroling, especially in the Northern area of our country.

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