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The Ascension June 4, 2008

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The sixth Thursday after Easter is the day the Orthodox Church celebrates the Ascension of Christ. This day is also called „Ispas” and is connected to a few customs and stories.

In certain areas of our country people observe a celebration named „Mosii de Ispas”, a commemoration of the faithful departed. The houses and the burial places in the cemeteries are adorned with sycamore branches, and lovage leaves are placed at the windows. Requiems are held and food is offered in their memory, especially fresh bread, cheese, green onions and plum brandy. It is also a suitable day for marking the cattle.

This is the last day to prepare and eat again painted eggs and ”pasca” and to use the after-Easter greeting „Hristos a inviat!” („Christ has resurrected!”), but there is also a special greeting for this day : ”Hristos s-a inaltat!” („Christ has ascended!”).

According to a legend, by the time Christ was born, the oxen in the stables where this happened were peaceful, but the horses were not so good. So, the Virgin punished them by deciding they would never have quite enough to eat except on the Ascension Day. Due to this, the day is also called „Horses’ Easter”, and this phrase gradually got the meaning of „later”, „some other time” or even ”never”.

The Ascension Day is also called „Heroes’ Day” and it is the day we celebrate all those who have given their life for our country.

Hristos s-a inaltat!

Class 8A, School no. 92, Bucharest


2 Responses to “The Ascension”

  1. stbrendans Says:

    Hello this is Kevin and Alex from St.Brendan’s N.S.
    We are in our last 10 days in this school now.
    Then we are in secondary school.
    Your story is very interesting.
    Our Celebration is 3 days long:GOOD FRIDAY, HOLY SATURDAY and EASTER SUNDAY.

    We just go to mass and then we eat Easter Eggs. (chocolate ones).

    KEVIN and ALEX.

  2. ivasil Says:

    Thanks, Kevin and Alex.
    We’re glad you liked it.
    Have happy holidays and good luck next year!
    Irina and the kids.

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