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Polish and not only Polish cuisine :-) or What Polish People Traditionally Eat June 4, 2008

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Polish cuisine is substantial. It is rich in meat and winter vegetables (cabbage in the dish bigos), and spices, as well as different kinds of noodles.
Traditional and still extremely popular foods in Poland include:

  • kielbasa (sausage)
  • flaczki (tripe)
  • pierogi (stuffed dumplings of unleavened dough and varying ingredients). Their specific origins are unknown.
  • pyzy (meat-filled dough balls, potato dumplings)
  • kopytka (in Polish: small hooves), dumplings made of mashed potatoes, eggs and flour
  • kołduny (meat dumplings)
  • gołąbki (pronounced Go-waunm-b-ki) or small doves, pigeons in Polish, stuffed cabbage
  • śledzie (sh-ledje-eh) – herrings
  • bigos (typical of Polish and Lithuanian cuisine), stewed dish made of sauerkraut and/or fresh cabbage, meat and mushrooms
  • kotlety (schabowy – breaded pork cutlet, and mielony – a rissole)

  • golonka (pork knuckles cooked with vegetables)
  • surowka – shredded root vegetabes with lemon and sugar (carrot, celeriac, beetroot) or fermented cabbage (kapusta kwaszona)
  • Kasha, porridge commonly eaten in Eastern Europe, it can be made from any cereal, especially buckwheat, wheat, oats, and rye. It is one of the oldest known dishes in Eastern European cuisine, at least a thousand years old
  • fish in aspic (gelatine)
  • Borscht or borshch, a vegetable soup from Eastern Europe, which is traditionally cooked including beetroot as its main ingredient.
  • chłodnik, a chilled beet or fruit soup for hot days traditional to the Belarusian, Lithuanian, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian cuisines
  • Żurek (English: sour rye soup, sour soup),a soup made from soured rye flour and meat (usually boiled pork sausage or pieces of smoked sausage, bacon or ham), specific to Poland and other northern Slavic nations such as Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
  • makowiec (poppy seed cake), typically Polish delicious cake baked around Christmas and Easter
  • drożdżówka, a type of yeast cake

Today the foods are considered by most Polish people to be of Polish origin but actually they are a mixture of Jewish and Slavic and even other foreign cuisines.

In our next posts we will try to present the best recipes for some of the dishes.

Gimnazjum nr 18, Gdańsk, Poland


8 Responses to “Polish and not only Polish cuisine :-) or What Polish People Traditionally Eat”

  1. ivasil Says:

    My pupils and I tried some of these as we visited our Polish partners in our Comenius project, last November. We had pierogi, bigos, the poppy cake and a very good mushroom soup. Delicious! Waiting for the recipes!

  2. ligregni Says:

    I am glad you found our cuisine tasty 🙂 I have never tried Romanian dishes but I heard they are delicious as well, hope to try them one day.

  3. Liliana Says:

    We have Borscht, too. We call it “bors” (pronouce it borsh). I love this dish.
    I would like to make pierogi one day. Do you happen to have the recipe? All my friends who have been to Poland told me they liked pierogi.


  4. Gina Says:

    I noticed that the cabbage is a frequent ingredient in your dishes, anyway I like cakes and drożdżówka looks good and tasty the same is for makowiec: we’d like to have the recipes!

  5. Jenny and Megan. Says:

    Hello this is Jenny and Megan.
    We are from county Kilkeny in Ireland.
    We saw the food you listed and it looked so good that we felt like eating it ourself.
    We are going to tell you about our traditional Irish Breakfast thet we eat here in Ireland.
    Well are main breakfast is rashers, sausages, beans, fried egg, pudding, toast and tea, So thats a full Irish breakfast. Its alot isn’t it? We’re all pigs down here in Ireland Ha! Ha!. Rashers, Sausages and Pudding come from pigs, So our breakfast mainly consists of pigs.
    Talk to you soon Jenny and Megan.

  6. Natalia Says:

    I am polish and i abolutly love most of these dishes.

  7. Florin Says:

    Hey! I’m Florin from Romania. Polish dishes are awesome good!! And my fav is pierogi indeed 🙂
    Here’s a recipe of them in English language
    I still haven`t tried on my own but I will hope soon.
    Take care!

  8. Love Polish food in our house! Even my American husband loves the vast majority of it. We make it all the time. This is a great abreviated list of traditional dishes.
    There are of course others, such as Cucumber Soup (Zupa Ogorkowa) and Flaczki.
    Also, we call our Beetroot Soup, Barszcz Ukrainski or Barszcz Czerwony, depending on the additional ingredients you use and how you serve it. Borscht is very similar but not a Polish word.
    The pictures look really good but some are not viewable?

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