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Mother’s Day (Dzien Matki) in Poland (26th of May) May 27, 2008

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Mother’s Day (Dzien Matki) in Poland is celebrated on the 26th of May. It was first celebrated in 1923 but actually got popular a few years after the WW2.

On this special day children wite their wishes to their mothers on a sheet of paper, decorate it with flowers, hearts and other symbols of love. At school there are special ceremonies to commemorate the day.

Yesterday, on 26th May, the third annual March for Life and Family took place to celebrate the day.
more about the March.

At our school we wrote poems about our mothers:

Zuzia’s poem

When I was young…

I thought that those monsters under my bed

would kill me, eat me, scream, hit…

But then you made it somehow

and I am not scared anymore.

When I was young

I couldn’t write

This little mistake in a difficult word “jusz”

and I was embarassed, shy, angry

But then you showed me how I should do it

and I do it the right way now.

When I was young

I got a bad mark at school

I felt terrible but it was You

who said: “A student without a bad mark

is ike a soldier without his rifle “.

It made me feel so much better.

But I am not that young anymore

I know how important You are

It was You who showed me

that I should be myself and not to be afraid

or shy, to show my real face.

by Zuzia


She always takes care of me

and she always sees

when I’m sad or content

She always gives me her helping hand

When i am happy she is happy too

So I want to do something special for her,

I can’t do any great things

But there is one thing I can do:

I can go to her and say: “I love you mum”

by Bianka

Kasia’s poem

Dear mum, today is your day

And I want to say

That I love you so much

And I am very glad

Because you are here

And you always help me

Even if I’m sad

You can make me laugh

That’s you who brought me up

And who always takes care of me

Even if you aren’t here

When I am alone

You sometimes phone

And I am not lonely anymore

That’s why I love you so much

My dear mum

by Kasia

We love our mums

26th May – Mother’s Day

This Day is very important

for all children.

Every child loves

their Mum so

when this day arrives

we give them beautiful flowers,

wish them all the best


a big smile on their face.

We are happy when our mothers smile,

and we want them to smile and be happy.

Every mum is differnt, but every mum is beautiful.

We must respect them

because without them we would be sad and unhappy.

We love our mums.

by Magda

It’s your day.

I love you mum, you know it, I’m sure!

On this special day I will try

to help you in your daily duties

because it’s your day.

In the evening I will prepare you a surprise,

it’s my secret.

At the party there will be many guests: family and friends,

because it’s your day.

You think that I will forget all this,

but this day won’t be a normal day ,

From now on I will always help you ,

because I love you so much.

by Alicja

Milena’s poem

You’re a gift from God

a true angel

with each of your smiles

better are our lives

I always want to be with you

carry you and hold you

You’re a great comet

that shines between ordinary stars.

They all stop to look

at your beauty.

Without you this world

would never be the same.

by Milena

Małgosia’s poems

Everything’ll be all right

And everything will be ok

coz there is one day.

It’s one, little day

when all mothers smile

and all children pray

For them to live long,

to be kind and strong.

To always stand by them,

watch them every day.

So mum, don’t you leave me,

‘coz life won’t be the same.

2nd poem

You are sweet

You are kind

You are always on my mind

You are here

You are there

You are always everywhere

You love me

I love you

Happy Mother’s day for you.

by Małgosia

Dear Mother

Dear Mother on your day

I want to be with you everywhere

I wish you a happy life

without wounds from my mouth’s knife

You are all my world

I’ll never tell about you a bad word

You always give me advice

Even when I don’t know how to make rice.

Life without you wouldn’t be the same

I would feel like there is always rain.

by Kamilla

students of Gimnazjum nr 18, Gdańsk, Poland


3 Responses to “Mother’s Day (Dzien Matki) in Poland (26th of May)”

  1. ivasil Says:

    Why May 26th? Any event that gave this day a special meaning?
    I really liked the poems, especially the last one. How old is the “author”? They are all very nice and touching.

  2. Gina Says:

    Yes, the poems are very nice and full of lovely feelings for all the mums. In every countries, at every ages they are the same: the mums are always special for everyone! I’m thinking to the English children’s thoughts that first celebrated this Day ( in March) and to my children drawings and poem, too( 11th May). Even the decorations and the subjects of the cards are almost the same!
    Lovely comparison!

  3. ligregni Says:

    Thank you both for lovely comments, the authors are 14 y.o. I haven’t found why this particular day was chosen to celebrate mothers, probably there was no special reason.

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