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The “Rašcatjéllë c’a mënëstrë” from the south of Italy May 27, 2008

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Ecco una ricetta tipica del nostro paese:

I “Rašcatjéllë c’a mënëstrë





1 Kg di  farina

4 uova


1 cucchiaio  di  strutto

minestra  fresca ( rape o scarola)





Impastare la farina con 2 tuorli di uova e  2  uova intere, lavorarle la pasta allungarla e ricavare dei bastoncini dello spessore di un dito, tagliarli a pezzetti e cavarli con le dita dando la forma  di orecchiette.
Lessare la  minestra ,scolarla e metterla in una padella per sfriggerla  con lo strutto e salare. Cuocere le orecchiette e condirle con la minestra.


Here’s a typical recipe of our town:

The “Rašcatjéllë c’a mënëstrë”( homemade pasta with the vegetable)




1kg of flour

4 eggs


1 spoon of melted lard

Fresh vegetable ( turnip leaves or scarole)





Mix the flour with 2 egg youth  an 2 entire eggs , work the dough, roll it and make some sticks thick like a finger, cut in  little  pieces and scratch them by the fingers giving them the shape of little ears ( “Rašcatjéllë”) .

Boil the vegetable, strain it and put it into a pan to brown it with the melted lard and salt.

Cook the“Rašcatjéllë” and dress them with the vegetable.

Antnio e Vincenzo Pio – Classe 5^A- Scuola Primaria “A. Ciancia”-Francavilla in Sinni (PZ)- Italia


3 Responses to “The “Rašcatjéllë c’a mënëstrë” from the south of Italy”

  1. ivasil Says:

    Sounds yummy.
    I ate pasta in the shape of little ears in Bari, they were called “orecchiette” and were really good. They had tomato sauce. Any connection?

  2. Gina Says:

    Yes, of course!
    They’ re quite the same, only the pasta shape is a little different: the orecchiette are made with top of the thumb or with the top of the knife handle, our rašcatjéllë are made with the index and the medium fingers and sometimes( once upon a time) with four or eight finger. We are not too far from Bari.
    try to make them!

  3. ivasil Says:

    OK, I will!

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