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The Village Museum in Bucharest May 18, 2008

The Village Museum in Bucharest is one of the most beautiful places in town. It was established in 1936 and it contains over 300 houses, wooden churches, mills etc from all over the country. The houses are originals that have been brought and rebuilt here and most of them are very old. The oldest ones go back to the 17th century.

The museum is organized as a village, with clusters of houses belonging to different areas of the country. They are completely furnished, have gardens and winding paths around so a visit here is like going back in time, visiting real old time rural areas. The museum holds crafts fairs and music and dance festivals quite often, usually on important holidays: Easter, Midsummer Day, March 1st, St, Nicholas’s Day, Christmas and so on.

These are photos that our pupils have taken on a visit to the museum.

The songs are sung by Maria Tanase, the most famous Romanian folk music singer, who lived in the last century. The first song is a very optimistic one, but the second one, also called “The Curse” is a well-known and loved one. Kids have translated this one themselves.

Great Is Rose Wine

(every line is sung twice)

Great is rose wine

Harvested in late autumn

Some on frost, some on snow

A lot I drink and I don’t get drunk

I swore not drink again

But I cannot refrain

Great is wine, and well I like it

Don’t know what I’m going to do to that vine

Beloved wine, of a rare fruit

Climbs to the head without a ladder

Beloved wine of green grapes

Makes the man so that you won’t see him

Great is wine and tasteful as well

When you drink it with handsome people

But if you drink it with ugly people

The wine gets stuck in your throat

He Who Loves and Then Leaves

The one who loves and leaves

May he be punished by God

every line is sung twice)

With the creeping of the snake,

With the step of the beetle,

With the whizz of the wind,

With the dust of the earth.

’Cause the ant, as she is,

Big at the head, small at the body,

And so thinnish at the waist,

Hardly making way under the ground,

She still keeps her promises.

She still keeps her promises.

Whilst we, real and baptized people

Have forgotten our pledge.

(each line is sung twice)

The one who loves etc.

We hope you enjoy taking his visit with us!

Irina and the pupils at School 92, Bucharest


7 Responses to “The Village Museum in Bucharest”

  1. ligregni Says:

    A very interesting village. We also visited a village like that in Poland last year. It was a great trip.

  2. ivasil Says:

    We also saw such a museum in Poland, in a town named Opole. It was very nice and quite similar to ours, only a bit smaller.
    Tis kind of place tempts me to live there for a few days, it would be like entering an old tale, going back in time.

  3. Gina Says:

    Very nice and interesting place: I enjoyed seeing that very much! Have you visited it with the classes during a school trip’ In Italy we have many similar places. Have you heard about Alberobello?It’s a very particular village with particular ancient houses!

  4. Irina Vasilescu Says:

    Yes, Gina, it was a school trip.
    I’ve been in Alberobello and seen the trulli last May, we are having a Comenius project and we were visiting our partners in Bari. It’s a really special place with those pointed houses! I liked it very much.

  5. Cáit Says:

    Hi this is Cáit.
    Last my family and I went to France. We went to a village like the one you went to. It was cool. There was a lot of shops,cafés,food stalls and lots more in it. We went to Mass in the church there. The village you went to sounded deadly!!!
    Cáit from St.Brendan’s N.S.

  6. ivasil Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Cait. Where exactly in France was that village?
    Maybe some day you’ll see this one, too.

  7. Cáit Says:

    Hi Irina, Cáit here.
    The village is called Carcasonne.
    I will ask my parents if we can go to Bucharest next year.
    Cáit from St.Brendans N.S.

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