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Traditional Romanian Dances May 13, 2008

Filed under: Festivals and fairs — ivasil @ 10:19 pm

There is a Music, Dance and Traditions Festival taking place each year in the oldest and most loved park in Bucharest, the Cismigiu Garden.

People come from all over the country with their costumes, traditional dishes, musical instruments, pottery, carved objects and so on. You can see and buy nice things, taste the food, listen to the music and even join he groups of dancers.

Here are some videos, showing two dances from different parts of the country. We hope you like them.

Irina and the pupils from School92, Bucharest.


3 Responses to “Traditional Romanian Dances”

  1. Gina Says:

    Very nice and particular dances! I enjoyed them a lot especially the last one. the costumes are particular, too!Congratulations!

  2. ligregni Says:

    nice!!!!! I have never seen them.

  3. ivasil Says:

    Actually, Gina, the last one belongs to the population of Hungarian origin that lives in the central area of our country. We have common history and traditions as they’ve been there for centuries, living with us.
    I’m gad you both liked them!

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