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Transylvanian Noodles with Cabbage May 7, 2008

Filed under: Traditional recipes — ivasil @ 6:32 pm

This is not a recipe from this very part of the country, it’s traditional , mostly during spring, in the Northern part.


Two big cups of flour

two eggs

one small cabbage

4 spoonfuls of oil

salt and pepper


A firm dough is made of eggs, flour, water and a bit of salt, then it is spread in a thin layer on a cook’s board that was sprinkled with flour. After drying a little bit, it is rolled and cut into noodles as big as you like ( in Transylvania they are sqare for this recipe ). They are boiled in salted water. Meanwhile, the cabbage is grated and tempered in oil ( or in two spoonfuls of fat , for the original recipe ) until it turned golden. It is seasoned with salt and pepper and mixed with the noodles after the water is drained.

During the Lent, the home- made noodles can be replaced with eggless pasta from the store.


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