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The first day of summer in Iceland “Sumardagurinn fyrsti” April 15, 2008

Here comes the first prodject from Fludaskoli in Iceland.

It’s a slideshow that kids in 8th grade made about the first day of summer which is next week. The summer is arriving on Thursday the 24th of April even though there is snow all over the country. But oh well 🙂


8 Responses to “The first day of summer in Iceland “Sumardagurinn fyrsti””

  1. gina Says:

    Lovely and impressive!
    But why does Summer begin so early? Or better: how many seasons are on your calendar nowadays?

  2. ligregni Says:

    I agree with Gina. The presentation is really lovely. What a nice solution : a powerpoint presentation as a slideshare. It is so simple and ingenious at the same time.

  3. Ella Jóna Says:

    I have always wondered about these two questions my self. Why does summer start when there is barely spring? Icelandic people is very optimistic so I think that this is a part of surwiving the darkness in the winter. By this we only have Summer and Winter no spring or autumn. 🙂

  4. Phil Johnson Says:

    my home town soccer team – Stoke City – was owned until recently by Icelandic businessmen and we had quite a few of your national team in our team ! (Gudjonson, Gunnarson etc.)
    Do you celebrate on this day (Summer Day) mainly because there is a certain amount of LIGHT fromn now on, rather than celebrating the climate ?

  5. Icelandic dude Says:

    yeah!!!! the summer is here!!!!!!!

  6. springtimes Says:

    Dear friends from Iceland,
    we are sending you a big smile and our mild temperature. Today afternoon it was sunny with 16 °C and it’s still Spring
    Kisses from the kids from Alessandria

  7. piera (springtime) Says:

    Our first day of summer is on 21st June. Generally it is very hot and we are on holiday because school ends on 7th June.

    class 2 C Scuola Vivaldi Alessandria

  8. the king of the kings Says:

    i love summer vacation

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