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About April fools Day origin in Italy April 5, 2008

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Surfing on internet I found some information about the April fools day origin in Italy:

In Italy the costume to celebrate the April fools Day or Pesce d’Aprile playing jokes is relatively recent; we find the first brief outline around 1840 in the diaries and documents of maritime naval Genoese merchants, who in turn reported French documents.

One of the oldest jokes was played in Florence in 1878, the “Giornale d’Italia” published the news about the death in the city of an Indian mahrajà and announced that, according to the Hindu tradition, this would have been cremated on the 1st April on a pyre built in the Cascine park. Obviously a great crowd arrived at the specified place, and has been waiting for hours until the groups of youngsters dressed by fishermen came out from bushes and began to turn among the crowd shouting “Arno fried fish.”

1961. The newspaper “La Notte” in Milan announced the Commune imposed side lights for horses circulating on the streets of the city or neighbouring countries. Many people brought their animals to the car electrician to equip them with lights.
In the streets of Milan and Turin appear posters announcing a new “road tax” imposed by the Communes to be paid according to the body weight of citizens.
2001. The portal announced that Senator Umberto Bossi was the new president of the Avellino Football team; the padania green shirt had convinced him.

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4 Responses to “About April fools Day origin in Italy”

  1. Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Really interesting. Nice jokes, especially that one about the maharajah!

  2. Contenta che il mio articolo ti sia piaciuto :-)*
    (il link esatto è:

  3. Gina Says:

    Grazie Mitì! Ora il link funziona!

  4. ligregni Says:

    I think the best joke was the one about horses. It is really incredible people believe such things. It can only mean so many things in our life are absurd we accept them without thinking much or negating them .

    The conventions, rules are becoming more and more elastic ( assimilating American (and maybe not only Ameriacan now) culture, somewhat dangerous) we stop seeing boundaries .

    Hope your point of view is different than mine 🙂 That would mean HOPE.

    Love to all of you,

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