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“Ziua pacalelilor” (1 April) in Romania April 1, 2008

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Pacala “Ziua pacalelilor” is April Fools’ Day in Romanian. We started celebrating it in the 19th century, so it is not a very old tradition here, but people like playing jokes on one another.

There is a superstition here saying that a joke has to be played before noon, otherwise it will bring bad luck. They also say that if you do not play a joke on somebody on 1 April, you will be the one who is going to be fooled the whole year. Another superstition says that it is not a good thing for a couple to get married on the 1 April because the marriage will not last or the woman will be the boss in the house.

Our Romanian character who is famous for his pranks is called Pacala.

Both teachers and pupils played jokes on one another at school today. Our French teacher entered the classroom and asked the pupils to prepare a sheet of paper because she was going to test them from the last five lessons. A 5th form pupil told our History teacher that someone had stolen things from their classroom.

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Liliana&the kids


11 Responses to ““Ziua pacalelilor” (1 April) in Romania”

  1. Gina Says:

    And this is your joke for all of us, isn’t it?
    Well! Someone said your post is awful and not interesting!
    Guess who said it!
    But… “Pesce d’Aprile!”

  2. philjohnson Says:

    So it seems I was wrong thinking April Fools Day was an English-speaking thing !
    It is good to see that silly stuff takes place all over Europe !
    I remember going to a mardi gras festival in Nice, France, and seeing all the locals walking up to strangers and squirting them in the face with foam from a tube. (They called it “Le Bomb”) It was great but I thought to myself : In the U.K., where there is a totally different sense of humour, some people would use it as an invitation to fight ! “Oi, why are you spoiling my clothes with that stuff ?”(Which, of course, is really sad)
    Well done Liliana

  3. Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Ha, ha, Gina! That’s a good one!!

  4. Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Thanks, Philip!
    It seems German people have their own April Fools’ Day too, but I don’t know much about it.
    My pupils and I would be curious to know if it is celebrated in other countries than Romania, the UK, Italy and Germany.
    Any help from our partners?

    Liliana&the kids

    • marilena Says:

      In Quebec, Canada, the 1st April is called La journée des poissons!!! My kids from the kindergarten draw fishes and stick them on the back of the others, so at the end of the day we all look like fishing nets :).

  5. anituccia Says:

    Clever and witty jokes played on friends are always welcome, they make our life so much more colourful.

    with love from Poland,

  6. Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    You’re very right, Anna! Welcome to our blog!

  7. ligregni Says:

    Wow, Liliana, in a way you are forced to joke ;-),
    “if you do not play a joke on somebody on 1 April, you will be the one who is going to be fooled the whole year”. That sounds like a threat to students: ” If you don’t do it, ……”
    You must be very disciplined and loving fun.

    It was fun reading what you have written here.

  8. piera (springtime) Says:

    we like playing jokes a lot , not only on April Fool Day!
    LOve from class 2C Alessandria

  9. Mike Pacala Says:

    My last name is Pacala, does that mean I am a fool, or the fooler?

  10. Liliana Says:

    Hello, Mike!

    Well, your first name should be Pacala in order to fit the story. :))
    Is that an American last name? Is it a common one?


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