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The ” Pesce d’ aprile” in our town April 1, 2008

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 On the 1st of april, in our town, Francavilla in Sinni, in the south of Italy, only we children celebrate the “Pesce d’Aprile” ( The April Fish Day) . At school we make jokes  to each other. For example, this mornnig I asked my mate :”Do you know… (a strange name)? When he said: “who?” I answered: “The Pesce d’ Aprile!”. Sometimes we send someone in not existing place, we hide some objects or attach a little picture of a fish on the back of some child and so on! The most common joke is to ask:”What have you got on your head?” and when the other realize that there is nothing, you say:” Pesce d’ Aprile!”

The tricks and the jokes continue on the next day, the 2nd of April, that we call “la chiave del due” ( the key of the two).



Here are some of our April Fish pictures:

pesce.jpg     pesce-002.jpg     pesce-004.jpg

                   pesce-003.jpg    pesce-001.jpg   

pesce-1.jpg    pesce1.jpg    pesce-4.jpg

                   pesce-2.jpg   pesce-3.jpg

Luca: classe 5^ A-scuola primaria “A. Ciancia”-Francavilla sul Sinni (PZ) Italia


3 Responses to “The ” Pesce d’ aprile” in our town”

  1. philjohnson Says:

    That’s nice !
    Great pictures also, made me think of FINDING NEMO. (The Disney film)
    In U.K., April Fools jokes have to be carried out before 12:00 mid-day, don’t ask me why ?
    I like your idea of having two days jokes !

  2. Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Two days for jokes, that’s a real feast! 😛
    Very nice drawings, indeed.

  3. M.F Says:

    You have a very similar tradition as in France!.Fish is the animal of the day!


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