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The “lavurjèllë”- a South Italian tradition March 19, 2008

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Another typical Easter tradition in our town and in the South of Italy is to make “lavurjèllë”. They are yellow little wheat plants grown up in the dark and offered Jesus during the Holy Week.

During Lent people , especially children, at home and at school put wheat seeds on wet cotton in containers and keep them in a dark place. Slowly Little yellow plants grow up and when are ready, generally at the beginning of the Holy Week, people decorate them with coloured ribbons and spring flowers and bring them to the church to adobe the altar where Jesus the Crucifix is shown.

Also this year in some classes children made the “lavurjèllë” and brought them to the church.

Here’s one of them!

                         picture59.jpg picture60.jpg

Scuola Primaria “A.Ciancia”-Francavilla in Sinni (PZ) -Italia


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