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Palm Sunday in the south of Italy March 19, 2008

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In our town we also celebrate “La Domenica delle Palme” as in other part of Italy. On the Sunday morning, the priest followed by all the people waving palms, goes in procession from the church to the Calvary and there he blesses the little branches that everyone brings at home and keeps devoutly. Afterwards the procession comes back towards the Church to celebrate the Mess. As in the South of Italy and,of course around our town, there are many olive trees the palms are made mostly using branches of olives. Once upon a time making palms was an art. On the day before the Palm Sunday women used to prepare branches of different sizes and decorated them with ribbons, spring flowers and holy pictures. Someone worked then in a very artistic and particular way: They braided the branches and the leaves giving them a circular shape just like some little green suns with the rays around and then threaded in them flowers of different colours. They were really paricular! Nowadays we can’t see many of these palms, mostly people wave only a simple olive branch in sign of peace.

Here are some of our palms!

picture54.jpg picture55.jpg 16032008138.jpg

                   16032008139.jpg 18032008065.jpg

Classe 5^A – Scuola Primaria “A. Ciancia” – Francavilla in Sinni (PZ) Italia


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