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Lent in Italy March 19, 2008

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Easter comes at the end of LENT. The Italian word for Lent is “Quaresima”.

Lent lasts seven weeks .It is represented as a lean old woman. Children are often been given the figure of an old woman with seven legs, representing the seven weeks of Lent, and at “Mezza Quaresima” (half Lent) children cut the figure in two, throwing half away and keeping the other half until the end of Lent.

In the past, during Lent, women often used to grow wheat in a dark place , so that the lack of sunlight would make it a white colour. This was used to decorate the altar of the local church during the days leading up to Easter. The white wheat represented Christ’s tomb.


One Response to “Lent in Italy”

  1. gina Says:

    I noticed with pleasure that even though in different parts of Italy we have similar traditions. I ‘m talking about the yellow little wheat plants we call “lavurjèllë” in our dialect ( little wheat field). We still make the “lavurjèllë” to decorate the altar during the Holy Week just like you, but we also make them as an offert to Virgin Mary in many occasions and sometimes some women bring them on their head during the processions next to or in front of the virgin statue.

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