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Easter chocolate eggs March 15, 2008

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uovo-con-sorpresa.jpguova-di-pasqua.jpgA very nice Easter Italian tradition is to exchange chocolate eggs. Confectioners have prepared hundreds of chocolate eggs so in the shop windows of our cities, towns and villages you can see a big choice of eggs: big or small, made of milk chocolate or plain chocolate


decorated with sugar or wrapped with coloured paper


Every egg contains a surprise. Children are always very curious and they would like to break the egg before Easter to see the present in it but the tradition says that Easter eggs can be broken only on Easter morning . So they have to wait.

Generally in children eggs we find bracelets, rings, earrings, gadgets , key-rings, small toys ; they are not precious presents but all the children are very excited when they break their eggs.

Arianna and Ludovica class 2C Scuola Media Vivaldi Alessandria


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