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Come to visit Kaziukas fair March 9, 2008


Kaziukas Fair – traditional street fair, nominated to St.Casimir, the patron of Lithuania. The best weavers, blacksmiths potters and other handicraftsmen from all over Lithuania gather there each year, the first weekend of March with their hand-made products. Uproar of the fair is enlivened by musicians, confectioners. The traditional good of the fair – motley-coloured Vilnius’ Easter Palms.

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The pavilions of the fair occupy streets and squares in the Old Town of Vilnius. They start in the Gediminas Avenue, traverse the Cathedral Square then branches into Pilies Street, the major line going along B. Radvilaitės Street passing the St. Anne’s Church and the Orthodox Cathedral of the Theotokos up to the so-called Tymas’ Quarter on the left bank of Vilnia River near Užupis.In the recent years the fair is also organised in Kaunas, the Laisvės alėja and Town Hall Square. Similar festivals are also held in Hrodna, Belarus a city where St. Casimir died as well as some cities in Poland.


The assortment of the fair includes mostly hand made goods from local craftsmen, such as apparel, knitted clothes, footwear, toys, utensils, metal craftings, souvenirs, paintings, as well as foodstuffs, mainly rye bread, bagels, honey cookies, meat and diary products, natural honey, beer and kvas.Traditional palms (called “verbos”, hence Verbų sekmadienis) made in the vicinity of Vilnius of colorful dried flowers and herbs, that are taken to churches on Palm Sunday, are the fair’s trademark. The shape of Vilnius’ “palms” originated from a lily with which traditionally St. Casimir is portrayed.Another typical product of the fair is called “muginukas”, an often heart-shaped honey cookie, decorated with colored sugar flowers, zig-zags, dots and birds. Popular men’s and women’s names are written on the cookies. People buy and give them to selected loved ones. It is a custom to bring some back for anyone who had to remain home.Traditionally every year in the beginning of spring to Old City of Vilnius comes Kaziukas fair. Kaziukas fair – is the old national festival, which was called to glorify St. Kazimir, who is the guardian of Lithuania. Its traditions are very old and go back to the times of XIX century. So that was born Kaziukas fair, which every year attracts a lot of people to Vilnius the capital of Lithuania, it is much more than for other city occasions.Hundreds and thousands of visitors, children and adults, come every year for the celebration of this festival, which is on first weekend of spring. A three-day celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring.People for trade and for delivery of national handicrafts come not only from Lithuania, but and from other countries, for example, Byelorussia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland. From different cities and villages come cars, which are load with marvelous souvenirs, toys, unique manufactured products from hide, metal, timber and ceramic: spoons, baskets, sweets, pipes, basketwork furniture and so on – of course, all things people made with their hands and under one’s own steam.Apart from this there are selling wonderful and famous Kaziukas fair confectioners products – delicious and particular ring-shaped rolls and, as a rule, honey cakes, which are big and small, putty with mint, berries and sugar, two cakes string on one cord.Besides there is main Kaziukas fair attribute – fantastic bunch of willow or yew – bunch of dry flowers, colour and no, which are making from different kinds of flowers and tying up on twigs. Kaziukas fair is famous not only its national masters, but and occasions. All time, when festival takes place, visitors can heard national music in streets, children collectives give concerts, and competitions, and attractions also take place there. That is to say Kaziukas fair festival is beginning. So Kaziukas fair– is spring festival, which is particular its joyful marvelous mood, national Lithuanian folk culture, songs, dances, our ancestor’s traditions. It is no traders, but masters and manufacturers festival. Everyone, who want to have a nice, wonderful time, buy some interesting, necessary things for house or ourselves, COME TO KAZIUKAS FAIR FESTIVAL!



We would like to give for all friends, who involve in this project – Lithuanian flowers.

kaziuks.jpg 😉

And of course – we would like to entertain you to dinner – traditional Lithuanian meal – The Zeppelins. Bon appétit!



3 Responses to “Come to visit Kaziukas fair”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Hello, my name is Rachel.
    I am from Ireland. I just read about the Kaziukas fair festival.
    It sounds very interesting and alot of fun. Here in Ireland we have a tradition a little like The Kaziukas festival, every year on the 17th of March we celebrate St.Patricks Day. We have a big parade in a few counties across Ireland. The biggest parade is held in our capital, Dublin. St.Patricks Day is dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland, St.Patrick.

  2. Alex Says:

    Hi I am Alex and I am from Ireland,
    I am 12 and I love living in Ireland.
    First I loved reading this topic.
    I found it very interesting and we here in Ireland have something similar: St Patrick’s Day.
    I origanaly came from Russia and I was addopted and brought to Ireland.
    Keep up the good work,

  3. Darragh Says:

    Hi my name is Darragh and I am from Ireland,
    I am eleven years old and I am in 5th class.
    Your tradition in Lithuania is very interesting.
    I like the sound of all that food. I have a friend called
    Conor and if he was over in Lithuania all the food would be gone.
    Bye for now would like to talk to you soon.

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