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ART – how much goes on in your school ? March 5, 2008

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I ‘d like to let you know about a unique and exciting activity our school has been involved in. In June 2007 we were awarded Artsmark status in recognition of the amount of drama, dance, music and art we produce.As a result of this we were invited recently to submit examples of our children’s’ Art – work to the Saatchi website, produced exclusively to promote art internationally. We uploaded over 50 items onto our own allocated space and are the first school in Staffordshire to have work displayed on the site. The works include examples of the techniques first developed by the likes of Kandinsky, Picasso, Warhol, Pollock and Riley whilst we hope to add images in the style of Van Gogh , Mondrian and others in the near future. We have also attempted imitations of Japanese and Aboriginal Australian work too.The website claims to have over 60 million hits per day which I’m sure you’ll agree makes it “busy” by anyone’s standards. To view my school’s zone go to :…while the site’s home address is would recommend any other schools with a passion for art to also pursue being involved with the site. Saatchi’s next big venture is to open a huge gallery on Kings Road, Chelsea in 2008. Just to illustrate the international dimension, I quickly checked how many non-UK schools currently display work on the site, there are 5 Italian schools, 15 Irish schools and dozens and dozens of USA schools.
Out of interest, at what age do your children start techniques of Art ? (brush strokes, spots, stripes, shapes, different colours to show different moods) In the UK I would say around age 5 / 6.
Also, at what age would you point out to the children specific artists and show examples ? In the UK this would be more like 7 / 8 but possibly doesn’t really need to be done until age 9 / 10. (In my humble opinion of course)

One Response to “ART – how much goes on in your school ?”

  1. mariajesuss1 Says:

    dear friends,
    we all enjoyed your pictures. we were impressed by the shapes and colour combination and we also recognized some spanish artists!!

    class 5 (10 yr)

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